Activities After Planting

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In today’s class, we will be talking about farm activities after planting. Enjoy the class!


Post planting activities are those activities that the farmer performs after planting the seeds. They include:

  1. Weeding: This involves the removal of unwanted plants that try to grow with the crops. They take up space and nutrients meant for the crops. This is done with tools like hoe or with bare hands.
  2. Supplying: This refers to the act of filling the un-germinated spaces with seeds. He does this to seeds that fail to germinate.
  3. Manure/Fertilizer Application: manure are waste from plants and animals e.g. urine and animal dung. While fertilizers are chemicals added to the soil to increase fertility. Manure and Fertilizers make the plants grow well.
  4. Mulching: mulching involves covering the soil with dry leaves, or straw so that soil water will not evaporate quickly. This act also cools the plant.

              Adding Fertilizer                                                                               Mulching



In our next class, we will be talking in details about farm activities after planting. We hope you enjoyed today’s class?

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