Insect Pests: Meaning, Classification Of Insects With Examples




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In today’s class, we will be talking about meaning, classification of insects with examples. Enjoy the class!

What Are Insect Pests?

Insect pests are organisms that infest our crop plants, thereby harming and destroying them.

These insects are tiny animals with six legs. Their body is divided into three parts, called head, thorax and abdomen. Some of them have wings with which they fly while others don’t have wings hence they can only crawl.


  1. Can you identify the insects in the picture below? Can you identify the ones with wings and the ones without wings,



Classification Of Insect Pests

Based on their feeding habits and the structure of their mouth parts, insect pests can be grouped into three, they are:

  • Bitting and chewing insects
  • Piecing and sucking insects
  • Boring insects
  1. Biting and Chewing Insects

These insects have strong mouth parts which helps them to bite and chew plants.

Examples are: grasshoppers, termites, cockroaches, locusts, caterpillars, beetles and leaf worms.

  1. Piercing And Sucking Insects

These insects have mouth parts which help them to pierce through plants and suck liquid materials from plants. Examples are: butterflies, cotton stainer, moth etc.


  1. Boring Insects

These types of insects make holes into plant parts thereby destroying the plants, fruit or seed. Examples are: bean beetle, maize weevil, rice weevil and stem borer.

Examples of insects we find around us are: cockroaches, mosquitoes, houseflies, ants, grasshoppers, lice and tsetse fly.


  1. What are insects
  2. Give five examples of insects
  3. List three.types of insects mouth parts
  4. Draw and label a named insect

In our next class, we will be talking in detail about usefulness of farm insect. We hope you enjoyed the class?

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