Activities After Planting II

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In today’s class, we will continue from our discussion about farm activities after planting, by explaining more activities that farmers evolve after planting. Enjoy the class!

Farm Activities After Planting.

The activities carried out after planting are;

  1. Watering: the growing pants are watered regularly especially in the early stage. This can be done with a watering can or irrigation system.
  2. Harvesting: The farmer must harvest his crops once they have yielded matured fruits. This is done with baskets, knives, sickle, cutlass etc.
  3. Storing: Farmers must store their crops properly after harvesting so that pests and diseases will not infect them thereby reducing their quality. Crops can be stored in bags, baskets, barns or kept in stores or silos.

Silo for storing crops                                                        Crops being bagged


  1. Processing: After harvesting the farmer can also process his crops. This involves changing the form of the crops for example Cassava can be processed into garri and Corn can be processed into pap.


  1. Activities done after planting is called———.  (a) weeding.  b) post planting  c) planting
  2. The act of covering the soil with dry leaves is called ———.  (a) mulching.  b) manure.   c) fertilizer
  3. Mention four activities carried out by farmers after farming
  4. Explain the following farming activities (a) Weeding (b) Watering

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