Insects: Usefulness Of Harmful Insects



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In today’s class, we will be talking about usefulness of harmful insects. Enjoy the class!


Many insects are harmful to farm crops. They eat and destroy farm crops. They also spread diseases among plants and animals. These harmful insects are called Insect Pests. Sometimes useful insects can also be harmful, so we need to be careful when we handle them.



Insect attacking a fruit                          Bee stinging                                                     Pest attacking leaves

Some of the harmful effects of these useful insects are

  1. They have poisonous chemicals and sharp teeth e.g. termites and bees.
  2. They can sting and cause pain on man eg bees, termites
  3. They can sometimes destroy crops by feeding on them e.g. termites.


  1. List three examples of useful insects that are harmful   a)    —————.   b) ———————–.    c) ——————–
  2. State two harmful effects that useful insects can cause

In our next class, we will be talking in detail about common farm insect in our environment. We hope you enjoyed today’s class?

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