Farmers’ Enemies: Rodents, Birds And Crabs I




Welcome to class!

In today’s class, we will be talking about farmers enemies: Rodents, Birds and Crabs. Enjoy the class!

In the last lesson, we learnt that earthworms are called farmers’ friends. We also learnt most of the various ways in which they help the farmer. There are some other animals that cause serious damage to farm crops, apart from insects; these animals are called “farmers’ enemies”. Examples of such animals include rodents, birds and crabs.


Rodents: Rodents are small mammals that live in the forest or bush. They have hairs on their body and long tail.they have four legs. They eat roots, stems and roots of crop plants thereby destroying crop plants. Examples of rodents are rats, squirrel, rabbits and grass cutters.



  • Make a list of the foods that the rodents in and around our homes eat.
  • Can you describe the likely places we find rodents in homes.
  • Mention ways to get rid of house rodents.


Birds: Birds are another farmers’ enemy. They have wings with feathers on the body. They eat both planted and matured seeds. They also eat up the grains of crops on the farm. Examples are weaver birds, sparrows.


WEAVER BIRD                                                SPARROW                                                  RABBIT


      GRASSCUTTER                                                             SQUIRREL 

Crabs – Crabs are animals that have hard bones covering their bodies. They live in holes which they make by the side of a river or sea. They destroy shrimps and fishes. Hence are enemies to fish farmers.


  1. What are birds?
  2. Give two examples of birds.
  3. Draw and label a rodent and a bird.
  4. Which of these animals have hard bones covering their bodies. ——-  a) Bird  b) Crabs.    c) Rodents.
  5. List four examples of Rodents

In our next class, we will be talking about damages caused by Rodents, Birds and Crabs. We hope you enjoyed today’s class?

Should you have any further question, feel free to ask in the comment section below and trust us to respond as soon as possible. 

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