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In today’s class, we will be talking about usefulness of farm insects. Enjoy the class!


In the last lesson we learnt about classification of insects based on their method of feeding. In this lesson we will learn about the usefulness of farm insects.

Some insects are very useful to us in the farm especially when growing crops. These insects help the crops to grow well and also help the farmer to make good harvest. Examples of these useful insects are butterflies, bees, termites and praying mantis.

BUTTERFLY                            PRAYING MANTIS                                 TERMITES

Usefulness Of Farm Insects

  1. Some of them help to pollinate flowers for the purpose of reproduction in plants. Eg butterfly and bees
  2. Farm insects like bees help to produce honey.
  3. There are farm insects that help to kill other insects that are harmful eg termites and praying mantis
  4. Farm insects like termites feed on wood, causing them to decay thereby increasing the nutrient of the soil.


  1. Mention five examples of useful farm insects.
  2. Give three reasons why farm insects are important to the farmer.

In our next class, we will be talking about usefulness of harmful insects. We hope you enjoyed today’s class?

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