Farmers’ Enemies: Damages Caused By Rodents, Birds And Crabs I 




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In today’s class, we will be talking about damages caused by Rodents, Birds and Crabs. Enjoy the class!

The farmers’ enemies which are rodents, birds and crabs cause lots of damage to farm crops(both plant crops and animal crops). In today’s lesson we will be looking at some of those damages that can be caused by these animals.


  • Mention some plant and animal crops you know.
  • In the picture below, can you describe what the birds are doing?

Damages Caused By Rodents, Birds And Crabs

  1. Rodents cut and eat the roots of plants like yam, cassava, carrots and potatoes. Thereby destroying the crops
  2. Rodent feed on the leaves and seeds of crops like maize, sorghum, rice etc. in this way, they kill the crops
  3. Birds feed on seeds that the farmer has planted in the farm.
  4. Birds eat the matured seeds of crops like maize, rice and millet on the farm.
  5. Crabs can destroy shrimps and fishes when we store them alive together.
  6. Rodents, birds and crabs can also transmit diseases to our farm crops and animals.
  7. They can injure the crops such that diseases can attack the crops through the wounds.
  8. They make the farmer spend more money when they try to control them.


  1. Mention five damages that rodents, birds and crabs can cause to farm crops and animals.

In our next class, we will be talking about exercising care when controlling Rodents, Birds and Crabs. We hope you enjoyed today’s class?

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