Insects: Damages Caused By Harmful Insects II



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In today’s class, we’re going to explore “Insects: Damages Caused By Harmful Insects.” It’s going to be a buggy adventure!

Damages Caused By Harmful Insects II

Damages Caused By Harmful Insects II

Okay, imagine this – you have a beautiful garden full of colorful flowers and tasty fruits. 🌼🍎 But one day, you notice something strange. Some little creatures are eating your plants! What do you do? That’s exactly what we’ll learn today!

These little creatures are insects, but not all insects are our friends. Some of them can be a bit naughty and cause damage to our plants.

Damages Caused By Harmful Insects

Picture this: you’re having a delicious ice cream, and suddenly a sneaky ant comes and takes a bite! 🍦 That’s what harmful insects do to our plants. They take bites, munch, and sometimes even make holes in our plants.

Have you ever seen tiny holes in the leaves of your favorite plant? 🌿 That’s a sign that an insect, like a caterpillar or a grasshopper, had a little feast. Just like we eat our favorite snacks, these insects enjoy munching on plants.

Chasing Insects Away

Chasing Insects Away

But here’s the exciting part – we can protect our plants from these naughty insects! We can be like plant superheroes! 💪🌱

Imagine putting a protective shield around your ice cream so the ant can’t get to it. That’s what we do with our plants. We can use special sprays or even ladybugs, who are like our insect superheroes, to keep the naughty insects away.

So, today, we learned about the not-so-nice insects that can damage our plants and how we can protect our green friends from them.


Now, here’s a fun task for you! Go outside and take a look at some plants. Do you see any signs of insects? Are there holes in the leaves? Draw a picture of what you find and show it to your friends and family.


Can you tell me one way we can protect our plants from harmful insects? 🌿 Raise your hand and share your superhero idea!

Reading Assignment: 

Ask your grown-ups to find a book about insects at the library or read an online story about insects tonight. You might discover more exciting facts about our tiny neighbors!

We have come to the end of today’s class. I hope you enjoyed the class!

In the next class, we shall be discussing Insects: Methods Of Controlling Harmful Insects

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