Care Of Farm Tools

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In previous lessons, we learnt about various farm tools and their uses or usefulness in farming processes. In this lesson we will look at these farm tools and how to take care of them.

Tools that are used for different purposes must be properly used and taken care of to ensure their continuous use. Also they are cared for in order to avoid spoilage or wastage which in turn results in unnecessary spending of money to replace them. Also to avoid being injured by carelessly placed tools.


Mention  three items that can be found in the picture below and state how best to take care of them.


How To Care For Farm Tools

  1. Use the tools for the intended purposes.
  2. Tools should be washed or cleaned after each use
  3. Oil, grease or lubricant must be put of movable joints to reduce friction.
  4. Blunt edges of knives or blades must be sharpened when necessary
  5. Tools must be kept in a safe place after each use.
  6. Damaged parts of tools must be repaired fast to avoid the damage getting worse
  7. Tools must be handled with care.
  8. Follow manufacturers instructions before using tools, especially sophisticated one.
  9. Check and tighten loose nuts and bolts daily and often.
  10. Store tools in cool dry places.


  1. Give three reasons why we must care for our farm tools.
  2. Mention five ways of caring for farm tools
  3. We lubricate joint of tools to reduce———.  a) burning   b) friction  c) Spoilage
  4. Tools can be littered all over the place after use.  True or False

In our next class, we will be talking about Activities before planting. We hope you enjoyed today’s class.

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