Activities Before Planting

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In today’s class, we will be talking about farm activities before planting. Enjoy the class!

Farm Activities Before Planting

What are farming activities?

Farming activities are the activities that farmers perform before, during and after growing or planting his crops. These activities can be put into three groups, which are;

  • Pre-planting activities (Activities before planting)
  • Planting activities (Activities during planting)
  • Post planting activities (Activities after planting)




  • Can you describe what activities are going on in the pictures above.
  • What do you think the women are preparing for?

Pre-planting activities: these are the activities that the farmer carries out before planting his crops. They include:

  • Choosing a farm site. This must have good soil for farming.
  • After choosing a site , the farmer must clear the bushes, cutting down bushes in preparation for planting. He uses cutlass and hoes
  • Then the farmer will stump. That is remove stones, bottles and plant roots from the ground. He uses a shovel, digger, pick axe etc.
  • The farmer then burns all the bushes and dirt removed.
  • Then the farmer molds heaps where the crops will be planted.
  • Plotting and mapping. The farmer marks out the farm into smaller parts.
  • The farmer tills the soil, breaking and turning it to prepare a seed bed.


  1. Mention three types of farming activities
  2. List five pre-planting activities carried out by farmers.

In our next class, we will be talking about Farm activities during planting. We hope you enjoyed today’s class?

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