Insects: Exercising Care When Controlling Harmful Insects I




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In today’s class, we will be talking about exercising care when controlling harmful insects. Enjoy the class!

We should be very careful when we are controlling harmful insects. No matter the method we use especially if we are using chemicals.

These chemicals called insecticides which are used to control harmful insects are very poisonous and dangerous to health hence we should be careful when using them.

We should do the following things when we are using insecticides:

  • We should carefully read the instructions on the container before using them.
  • We should use the right quantity of the insecticides as indicated in the instructions we have read.
  • We should not allow the chemicals to touch our body or other sensitive parts of our body like the eyes.

  • We may need to wear hand gloves of long clothing when applying the chemicals.
  • We should not taste the chemicals.
  • We should not bring the chemicals close to your nose.


  • Mention four precautions we must take when using chemicals to control harmful insects.

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