Activities During Planting

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Welcome to class!


In today’s class, we will be talking about farm activities during planting. Enjoy the class!

In the last lesson we looked a learnt the different activities farmers engage in before planting.


  • Mention five activities farmers engage in before planting.

Planting Activities:

These are activities that the farmer carries out when planting. They include:

  1. Seed Inspection: the farmer must inspect the seed very well to ensure that they are in good condition. Seeds that are broken or eaten by insects should not be planted.
  2. Planting: the farmer then plants his seeds by digging hole of about 2-3mm deep. He puts 2 or 3 seeds into the hole and gently covers it with soil. The  date of planting must be noted.


           Planting the Seed                                                                      Inspecting Seed

  1. Seed Rate: this refers to the amount of seed or planting material used in a hectare or area of land. Seed rate also indicate the amount of seed per stand on a field.
  2. Planting depth:the farmer also notes the planting depth. This refers to the depth of  planting required by planting materials or the extent to which planting material should be sown in the prepared soil, bed or ridge.
  3. Planting Date: Planting date should be noted by the farmer so that he can keep records of harvest too. Panting date is the particular time of the year that planting of crops is carried out.


  1. List five planting activities that farmers engage in.
  2. The particular time of the year that planting is done is called ——–?

In our next class, we will be talking in details about farm activities after planting. We hope you enjoyed the class?

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