Adjectives II, Decoding Unknown Words, Comprehension

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Grammatical Accuracy

Identification of Adjectives in Short Sentences

Adjectives are words that describe a noun.

Nouns are naming words like person, animal, place or things.

A person like Vivian, a Tailor, animals like dogs, goats, sheep, a place like Lagos, Ghana, and things like pen, pencil or desk.

So, to describe a noun, we used words called adjectives.

For example;

  1. Janet is a Smart girl

Here, smart is the adjective describing a person, Janet.

  1. My red bag is on the table. – here, red describes the bag; which is a noun.
  2. It is a sunny day. Sunny describes the kind of day it is.
  3. The old woman at the well. Old is the adjective
  4. I am happy today. Happy describes how she feels
  5. Five little monkeys are jumping on the bed. Five little are adjectives in the sentence describing the number and the size of the monkeys
  6. Dan is hungry. Hungry describes how Dan feels.
  7. They play loud music at the party yesterday. Loud is an adjective
  8. My class teacher speaks English fluently. Fluently is the adjective in the sentence.
  9. The desk is dirty. Dirty describes how the desk look like.


Underline the adjectives in the following sentences.

  1. I ate a delicious meal
  2. My mother is tall
  3. She bought a new dress
  4. The boy ran to the big building
  5. That green apple is mine



Using Sounds and Combinations of Sounds to Decode Unknown Words

To decode unknown words, you should just say the first words and look at the picture.

1. Dog

2.  Cat


3.  Pin


4.  Fox


5.  Bed




Answering Factual Questions from Simple Passage Stories.


The next morning when Jimmy went to school he stopped outside the door. He listened. He heard someone say,

“Shhhh! He’s outside. He’s listening. Don’t give it away.”

Everything got very quiet. Jimmy walked into the room and sat at his desk. In a low voice he said,

“Please tell me the secret, Roman.”


“I’d tell you.”

“I know you would.”



“Then I’ll find out from somebody else.”

After school he waited at the corner for Libby Rose.

In Class One Libby had had trouble keeping secret too.

She told the teacher that Rickie had a little snake in his pocket. Well, she had not actually told him. She had said, Mr. Rogers, is it all right for us to bring snakes to school in our pockets?”

When he saw Libby, Jimmy said, “Libby, what’s the big secret?”

Libby said, “I’m not telling.”

“If I ever hear a secret, I’m not telling.”

“You’re never going to hear one.”

He followed Libby down the footpath on his knees.

“Please please please please please – “

“Oh, all right,” Libby said. “Our teacher’s going to get married.”

He got up and dusted his knees. He ran home like a cartoon character, leaving a streak behind him. He flung open the door. “I found out the secret! Our teacher’s going to get married.”

“She’s already married,” his mother said.

“Somebody’s teasing you.”


Answer these questions.

  1. What did Jimmy want Roman to tell him?
  2. Who did Jimmy wait for after school?
  3. Who had little snake in his pocket?
  4. What secret did Libby tell Jimmy?
  5. What did Jimmy do as soon as he found out the secret?



Decode the sounds of these words

  1. Rat
  2. Tin
  3. Can
  4. Fed
  5. Cow

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