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In this class, you will learn about adjectives, how to identify sounds and how to use sounds and combinations of sounds to spell and pronounce words.



Adjectives are describing words.

It helps to describe the characteristics or qualities of a person, animal, place or things.

For example:


Good Girl (Good is the adjective)                                                              Tall Man                                                

               Fat Pig                                                                                                  Small Room


                       Red Bag                                                                                                  Long Stick


They are also words that describes numbers, colours, size and shape.                                             

                  Five Oranges                                                                            Black Shoe 

Five describes the number of oranges.                                                    Black describes the colour of the shoe.


                 Big box                                                                                            Round Table

Big describe the size of the box                                                 Round describes the shape of the table.

Adjectives are therefore, words that describe the quality, shape, numbers, colours, size.

Words that also describes how someone feels, tastes, smells, looks or sounds are called adjectives.

So, adjectives are ways of telling other people how we feel, taste, smell, look what things around us are like and how think of others.

Examples are:

Hungry boy, sweet pie, bad odor, pretty lady, loud music.

Here, hungry describes how the boy feels

Sweet describes the taste of the pie

Bad describes the smell of the odor,

Pretty describes the look of the lady

Loud describes the sound of the music.



Using Songs and Rhymes to Identify Sounds.

Rhyming words are words that end with the same sound even if the words are spelt differently.

For example;

Sky – Fly

Fed – Bed

Cat – Hat

Lice – Mice

Big – Wig

Net – Pet

Scrub – Rub

Fun – Sun



Topic: Using sounds and combinations of sounds to spell and pronounce words.

a-e                           Clement is in the sick bay.

ay                            He hides within the cave

ai                             He likes to mould with clay

Do rats have tail?

Look at Dora, she is walking slowly like a snail.

RAIN                                                                                      RAIL


BAKE                                                                                     RAKE


TRAY                                                                                     PLAY


Form words with these sounds;


ay ai


Hay Maid

Hope you enjoyed the lesson.

Bye for now.

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