The Computer and Some of its Functions.

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The Computer and some of its Functions.

A computer is an electronic device which is used to perform many operations. A computer can be a form of a desktop, a telephone with a touch screen, a laptop or a tablet.

All computers consist of some basic elements. These include a motherboard, a processor, the central memory, a hard drive, the keyboard, the mouse or some kind of a touch pad.                

These elements have different functions. The motherboard controls the functions of different components of a computer. The processor is the ‘engine’ of the computer because it executes the largest part of information processing. The central memory is a memory storage that functions during computer use. The hard drive is the permanent memory of the computer. Saved files remain there when the computer has been turned off.

Usually, a keyboard has about 102 keys; alphabetical (a-z), numerical (0-9) and special (Functions, Ctrl, Alt, etc.) keys. The mouse works with a cursor which can be seen on the screen of the computer as it moves along with the mouse. The cursor can be used to select menu commands and areas. The touch pad is a pad where you can control the cursor by moving your finger along the pad. Tapping the pad serve the same function as clicking a mouse.

A computer performs many functions. Some of these are that it helps one to type documents, do calculations, listen to music, play games, draw pictures and watch movies. When a computer is connected to the internet, one could send E-mails, chat with friends, buy goods, do banking transactions and many other things.

Comprehension Questions.

  1. Write four forms in which a computer can be.
  2. What is the function of a processor?
  3. Which part of the computer stores memory when one is using it?
  4. Which part is the permanent memory of a computer?
  5. A keyboard has about how many keys?
  6. Mention the three types of keys on a keyboard.
  7. In which part of a computer can one see a cursor?
  8. How is a cursor controlled on a touch pad?
  9. Mention four functions of a computer when it is not connected to the internet.
  10. Mention three functions of a computer when it is connected to the internet.

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