Identification of Simple Present Continuous Tense in Sentences


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In this class, you will be able to identify simple present continuous tenses in sentences and the importance of herbal medicines.


Identification of Simple Present Continuous Tense in Sentences.

Present continuous tense tells us about an action going on at the time of speaking.

To make present continuous tense, we usually add ing after the verb.

Verb + ing

Talk + ing = Talking

Eat + ing = Eating

Climb + ing = Climbing

Rise + ing = Rising

Present continuous verbs are formed by adding is, are or am before the verb ang ing after the verb.

Present tense of verbs to be Present continuous verbs Simple Sentences
I                         am Dancing I am dancing
She                     is Singing She is singing
They                  are Playing They are playing
It                         is Raining It is raining
You                     are Laughing You are laughing




  1. Jason is _________ to school.                         A.) walking  B.) walked
  2. He is ___________ her wash her clothes.        A.) help         B.) Helping
  3. They are _______ burger.                                A.) eating     B.) eat
  4. The dog is _________                                      A.) Barking   B.) bark
  5. Tolu is ____________                                        A.) sleep       B.) Sleeping



Herbal Medicines.

Plants are important to both human beings and animals. The leaves, stems and roots of some plants are soft and can be eaten.

Some of these plants do not have good taste or smell.

Plants that do not have poisonous ingredients are medicinal. Some plants produce juicy substances that can heal wounds. Some leaves foam like soap and we can bath with them. The leaves of some plants are used to wrap fresh foods so that the food would not decay.

Medicinal plants are all around us. Many of us do not know them. We eat some of them as vegetables. We destroy some of them with herbicides. People that know them preserve them when they see them around their houses. Some traditional herbalists go far into the forest to gather leaves, barks and roots of plants. They put them together to prepare medicines. Some of them have herbal medicines in their compounds.

Some people speak badly about herbal medicines. They think herbal medicines cannot cure diseases. This is not true. Herbal medicines are pure and natural. Before the advent of modern science, people used herbal medicines. Every community had people that knew one medicine or the other. These people did not go to school to learn about these medicines. They learnt from their parents. The traditional herbal medicines were in forms of liquid and dry substances kept in gourds or wrapped with leaves.

Herbal medicines now appear in forms of tea, tablet, liquid and capsule. We must be careful when using herbal medicines. We should not combine many herbs at a time. We should not take the medicines in too much quantity. Herbal medicines perform better before we are sick. When we are sick, the best place to go to is the hospital.



Read this poem.

Monday’s child is fair of face,

Tuesday’s child is full of grace,

Wednesday’s child is full of woe,

Thursday’s child has far to go

Friday’s child is loving and giving,

Saturday’s child works hard for living,

But the child born on the sabbath Day,

Is fair and wise and good and gay.


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In the next lesson, you will learn about different types of jobs while reading a passage.

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