Production of Simple Present and Past Tense of Common Verbs in Tabular Form


Production of Simple Present and Past Tense of Common Verbs in Tabular Form.

Verbs are action words. Like; go, come, eat, sleep, talk swim etc.

Actions can either be in the past or in the present.

For example; sleep – slept, come – came, talk – talked etc.

1.    Hear Hear + d Heard
2.    Play Play + ed Played
3.    Love Love + d Loved
4.    Cook Cook + ed Cooked
5.    Jump Jump + ed Jumped
6.    Laugh Laugh + ed Went
7.    Stay Stay + ed Stayed
8.    Wait Waite + d Waited
9.    Look Look + ed Looked
10. Touch Touch + ed Touched



Determine the verbs present and past tense in each of the following sentence.

  1. I ate rice last night
  2. Did you see your friend?
  3. Stand up!
  4. Tolani writes well.
  5. Listen to me, please.



Listening to and Re-telling stories.

Match the sentences. Write the story.

On Sunday                          she weeded the ground.

On Monday,                       she watered the seed.

On Tuesday,                        Sekina sowed the seed.

On Wednesday,                 an old man gave Sekina a magic seed.

On Thursday,                       Sekina saw lots of fruits.

On Friday,                            she ate the fruit.

On Saturday,                       the plant was big.

On Sunday, an old man gave Sekina a magic seed.


Expressing Ownership; Using possessive pronouns as plural correctly.

Plural refers to more than one.

Plural pronouns are words used instead of nouns to describe more than one. Examples are: they, them, their, ours, yours

This bag is theirs.

Bring the book. It is ours.

Your pictures are so fine. Ours are terrible.

Who brought the chairs? It is theirs.



Complete the following the statement with the correct possessives.

  1. Ade and Ada bought oranges on their way home from school. A friend asks, “who owns the oranges?” Ade and Ada say it is ours.
  2. Here is your car. _______ is over there. a) Me b) Ours.
  3. Are they the owners of the house? a) Yes, it is theirs b) Yes, it is for them.
  4. It is all _____. a) theirs        b) they


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