Use of Irregular Plurals in Simple Sentences. Using possessive pronouns as singular correctly


Use of Irregular Plurals in Simple Sentences

When sentences are made about two or more people, things and animal, it is plural.

For example,

I have two pencils.                        The kids are playing.

There are regular and irregular plurals.

REGULAR PLURALS are plurals you only add ‘s’ or ‘es’ at the end of the word.

Examples are: Boy; Boys, Book; Books, Leg; Legs, Bicycle; Bicycles, Class – Classes etc.

IRREGULAR PLURAL NOUNS are plural nouns that are not known by adding ‘s’ or ‘es’ at the end.

Examples are: Child – Children, Man – Men, Woman – Women, Goose – Geese, Person – People, foot – feet etc.

Singular Irregular Nouns Plural Irregular Nouns in Sentence
1.    A man Two men are in the room
2.    Mary had a loaf of bread Mary had three loaves of bread.
3.    I saw the mouse in the room. I saw mice in the room
4.    My tooth aches me My teeth are aching me
5.    Clara has seen a goose before Clara has seen geese before



Provide the plural forms of the following nouns.

  1. Mango        
  2. Phone                  
  3. Roof                    
  4. Foot                                                                  
  5. Bottle           




Answering Factual Questions on Short Poem

I Wouldn’t

There’s a mouse house

In the hall wall

With a small door

By the hall floor

Where the fat cat

Sits all day

All day

Every day

Just to say

“Come out and play”

To the nice mice

In the mouse house

In the hall wall

With the small door

By the hall floor.

And do they

Come out and play

When the fat cat

Asks them to?

Well, would you?


Comprehension Questions.

  1. Where is the cat sitting?
  2. Where is the small door?
  3. How long does the cat sit waiting for the mice?
  4. Does the cat really want to play with the mice?



EXPRESSING Ownership; Using possessive pronouns as singular correctly.

Let us understand the meaning of pronouns.

Pronouns are words that are used to replace a noun or used instead of a noun.

For instance,

  • Tolu is my cousin.                                                    She is my cousin

Tolu is a noun.                                                         She is used here instead of Tolu.

  • Terry, Berry and Pressy are in the car.                       They are in the car.

Terry, Berry and Pressy are Nouns                             They is used here instead of the nouns.

  • The book is for Tessy                                              The book is for her

Tessy here is a noun                                              Her is used here to replace Tessy.

In pronouns, we have possessives.

This is mine                                        The ball is mine

Is this yours?                                      The pot is theirs.


Complete these.

  1. This is my cap. It is mine.
  2. That is your pot. It is ____________
  3. This is his bicycle. It his __________
  4. It is her dress. It is _______________

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