Correct Use of Apostrophe II

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Apostrophe shows possession. Possession means belonging to someone.

We have singular and plural possessives.

Singular possessives show that something belongs to one person.

We add ‘s at the end.

For example;

  1. Annie’s skirt
  2. Robert ‘s belt
  3. Brian’s dog
  4. Lupita’s gown
  5. Cat’s food

Plural possessives show that something belongs to more than one person.

We add apostrophe ‘at the end.


  1. Chefs’ hat
  2. Doctors’ uniform.
  3. Students’ book
  4. Babies’ rash
  5. Ladies’ wear

Some plurals end without s and to make them possessives, we add apostrophe s (‘s). plurals like men, children, mice, lice etc

Men’s belt

Children’s school

Mice’s feet

Lice’s invasion


Make each word possessives.

  1. Tables legs
  2. Cherry seed
  3. Farmer field
  4. Calves hooves
  5. Deer antler



Dapo’s Complaints

Dapo woke up on Monday to prepare for school. But he felt some pains at his back. He went to his mother to complain. “Mummy, I’m not well.” The mother asked: “What is the problem with you?” “I’m not fine, my back is paining me,” replied Dapo. Don’t worry, let me apply the balm to your back, you’ll be alright,” the mother said.

Dapo managed to go to school that day. At school, the teacher observed that Dapo was not well. “What’s the matter with you?” the teacher asked. “I’m not feeling fine; my body is hot,” Dapo answered. The teacher took Dapo to the school clinic for treatment.

Back at home that day, Dapo was still not feeling well. His parents were worried. “What is the matter with you again?” asked the father. “I feel like vomiting,” said Dapo.

Dapo’s father drove him to the family doctor.      The doctor asked what was wrong with him and he took the complaints. He said Dapo was having malaria. He gave him some drugs and assured the father that Dapo would be well.


  1. What did Dapo complain of when he woke up?
  2. Whom did he complain to?
  3. What did his mother do?
  4. What was Dapo’s complaint at school?
  5. Where did the teacher take him to?
  6. Why were Dapo’s parents worried?
  7. Where was Dapo taken to?



How do you introduce your classmates to a new classmate?

Junia: Hello.

I am Junia. We are in the same class.

Bella: Nice to meet you, Junia.

Junia: You said you are from UK. You are British?

Bella: yes, I have just moved here with my parents for two weeks.

Junia: oh! That’s interesting.

Bella: Thank you, Junia.

Junia: guys! Come sit with us.

Bella, This is Brian and this is Kathy. They are our class mates too.

Brian: Nice to meet you Bella.

So, What is your favourite subject?

Bella: My favourite subject is Science.

Junia: Science is my favurite subject too.

I have an older brother in this school. Do you have a brother too?

Bella: Yes, I have an older brother. His name is Pat and he is twelve years old.

Junia: where do you live, Bella?

Bella: I live on Willy street.

Junia: Really, I live on that same street.

We could meet after school and I’ll show you around.



Introduce your new class mate to others.


Goodbye and see you soon.

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