Pronunciation of Consonants and Consonant Clusters.

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Use of Adjectives to Make Short Sentences.

Words that describe quality, size, colour, feeling, taste, smell are known as Adjectives.

Words like good, small, dark, happy, sour, foul are adjectives.

How to use adjectives to make short sentence

To use adjectives, you must remember we said adjectives are words that describe nouns; people, animal, place, or things.

Therefore, when using adjectives in a sentence, it must describe a noun and come after or before a noun.

See the following Examples.

  1. The old man lives in a hut;

Adjectives = Old, Noun=Man

  1. Frank is a good boy.

Adjectives = Good, noun = Boy

  1. Smith owns a big farm

Adjectives = Big, Noun = Farm

  1. The perfume smells nice

Adjectives = Nice, Noun = Perfume

  1. I gave her two roses

Adjectives = Two, Noun = Roses.



  1. Make five simple sentences with adjectives.

Choose the adjectives in each of the following simple sentences;

  1. Lily is a dark girl
  2. The stubborn Billy is here
  3. The sun shines so bright
  4. My big book is on the desk
  5. Sharon is in a happy mood



Pronunciation of Consonants.

There are twenty- six letters in the English Alphabets. you must have learnt the letters in English. Now, take a minute to recite it before you read the next sentence.

The letters in English has five vowels which include Letters like A, E, I, O, U While other letters like B, C, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, S, T, V, W, X, Y and Z are Consonants.

Let’s see how to pronounce the consonant letters.

B                                  C                                 D                                 F

/b/- but                     /c/- cup                    /d/- dog                   /f/- fox

G                                 H                                 J                                  K

/g/- go                      /h/ – hut                    /j/- jug                       /k/ – key

L                                  M                                N                                 P

/l/- leg                       /m/- mat                   /n/- net                      /p/- pot

Q                                 R                                  S                                  T

/q/-                            /r/- rat                        /s/- sea                      /t/- top

V                                 W                                X                                  Y

/v/- van                    /w/- win                    /ks/- fox                     /j/- yes


/z/- zip

Pronunciation Practice on Consonant Clusters.

What is a consonant cluster?

A consonant cluster is when two consonants are placed together. E.g. sk, fr, st, etc.

/bl/ –           Blade, Blood, Bleed, Blue,

/br/ –            Bread, Bright, Broom, Break, Brain.

/cr/ –           Crude, Cross, Cry, Cream, Crawl.

/dr/ –            Dry, Dragon, Dream, Dread, Drain.

/fr/-             Frog, Fry, Frame, Frail, Friend.

/nt/ –            Element, Cement, Tent, Went, Bent

/st/ –            Stream, Stay, Stem, Fast, Frost, Stick.

/sk/ –           Desk, Skirt, Skill, Task,

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In the next class, you will learn about Adverb. Till then.


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