Use of Continuous Tense in Simple Sentences Correctly

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Use of Continuous Tense in Simple Sentences Correctly

Present continuous tense tells us about actions that are ongoing.

E.g. cooking, painting, walking, reading, playing, etc.

Noun/ pronoun + is/are/am + verb + ing.

  1. Faith is playing.
  2. I am sleeping.
  3. She is reading her book.
  4. Tiffy and Kaddy are listening to music.
  5. The nanny is feeding the baby.

The order of words changes when asking questions. See examples below.

  1. You are watching movies.

Are you watching movies?

  1. She is cooking

Is she cooking?

  1. They are running.

Are they running?

  1. Fred is eating pizza.

Is Fred eating pizza?

  1. I am drinking my tea.

Are you drinking your tea?


Convert the following sentences to questions.

  1. Mum is dressing for the party.
  2. I am cleaning my shoes.
  3. Kelly is riding the bicycle.
  4. Mary is holding a pen
  5. She is laughing at the old man



Safe Food, Good Food

Feeding well, living well

Healthy food for a healthy body

Balance diet makes a healthy body

Lots of good water and good fruits

Less of carbohydrates, more of protein

Balanced diet for a strong body

Germs are enemies of a healthy body

Keep them away from your food

Good food is safe food

Good food is hygienic food

Prepare your food well, live well

Wash your hands regularly

Before and after preparing your food

Before and after eating your food.

Eat safe food, eat good food

Eat well, don’t overfeed

Good and safe food for good and healthy life

Clean and safe food for good life

Cleanliness is next to godliness

Cleanliness in food, body and soul

A sure way to staying alive.


  1. What is the title of this poem?                 The title is Safe Food, Good Food
  2. What is your best food?
  3. State one benefit of feeding well
  4. What is balanced diet?
  5. From what food can you get protein?
  6. Mention any three pieces of advice given in this poem
  7. What does this poem say is a sure way to staying alive?




Reading passages that will interest the pupils and answers simple comprehension questions.

Back to School.

Tade is six years old. He is now in primary 2. He is happy to come back to school after a long holiday. He has two twin sisters, Sade and Sewa. They are five years old each. They are not in Primary 2. They are in Primary 1. Tade also has a friend called Nkem. Can you see him beside his sister? Nkem is in Tade’s class. His sister, Ngozi is five years old and she is in Primary 1 like Tade’s sisters.

Musa is also standing in front of his big brother Bala. Musa is in Primary 2 but he was not Tade’s friend when they were in primary 1. Bala is in primary 6 and he is ten years old. He will soon go to a secondary school.

Comprehension Questions.

  1. How old are Sade and Sewa?
  2. What is their brother’s name?
  3. How old is their brother?
  4. Who is Tade’s friend?
  5. How old is Bala?
  6. In what class is Bala’s brother?
  7. In what class are you?
  8. How old are you?
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