Identification of Adverbs

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Identification of Adverbs in Short Sentences.

In the previous lesson, we said words that describe or tell us something more about a verb is adverb.

How do you identify adverbs in short sentences?

Adverbs are identified when it tells us more about how something is done within a sentence.

For example,

  1. George ran quickly to catch the bus.

Quickly tells us more about how George ran

  1. The school choir sang loudly

Loudly tells us how the school choir sang

  1. Aisha wrote her note neatly

Neatly tells us how Aisha wrote

  1. James jumped happily after the first goal

Happily describes James action

  1. The classroom was carefully swept

Carefully describes how the classroom was swept.

Now that you have seen how adverbs can be identified in a short sentence, I would like you to take the quiz below.



Underline the adverbs in each sentence.

  1. The light flashes brightly
  2. The boy is shouting loudly
  3. The car moves faster
  4. I finished my hone work early
  5. She wept harder when she fell down




In the first days, when the world was new, Fox and Bear were the best of friends. Bear had the longest, fluffiest tail you could imagine. He would switch it this way and that and all the animals loved Bear and his tail. The animals spent their days playing together. The forest was warm and there was lots of food to eat.

But then the first winter came and with it came the first trouble. Snow covered everything. There was a frost on the berries and ice covered the lake and Fox and Bear couldn’t find anything to eat. Soon they were very hungry and very cross and they began to argue. The animals became jealous of Bear’s tail and Fox was the most jealous.

Fox decided to play a trick on Bear. One day he was walking by the lake when he saw Otter came out of a hole in the ice. “A hole in the ice – how clever,” thought Fox.

Then he saw that Otter had a fish in his mouth. “Very clever,” thought Fox.

Otter smiled to see his friend and put his fish down. But Fox grabbed the fish in his sharp teeth and ran off with it.

Never had a fish tasted so good. He had nearly finished it when who should come along but Bear.

“Hello, Bear,” said Fox. “You have just missed lunch.”

“How did you catch a fish?”

“it was easy. I’ll show you,” said Fox, with his nicest smile.

“I made a hole in the ice and put my tail in. The fish nibbled on my tail and I pulled out my tail, fish and all. Your tail is so long you’ll catch even more than I did.”

Fox made a hole in the ice and helped bear put his tail into the freezing water.

“Now stay there and don’t move a hair. I’ll hide behind this tree and tell you when your tail is covered in fish and then we’ll have a feast!” said Fox. But he didn’t hide behind the tree – he went back home and laughed and laughed.

Bear sat as still as he could, dreaming of the fish he was going to catch. Soon his tail started to tingle but he waited for Fox to call him. His tail tingled more and Bear imagined it covered in juicy fish. At last Bear could stand it no longer and leapt up. But, oh, his tail had frozen in the water and snapped off completely. Bear looked at his tail with horror.

“Fox!” he cried. He looked behind the tree. When he saw that Fox was not there, he knew that it had been a trick. He roared with anger and ran off to find Fox. But he was nowhere to be seen.

Since that day, Bear has trusted no one. He keeps himself, grumpy and sad.

Vocabulary Development.

In the Comprehension we just read, we learn some words.

Fluffiest: soft and light

Jealous: to be envious

Nibble: a small bite of something

Tingle: an exciting or uncomfortable feeling of emotion.

Leapt: to move quickly

Snapped: to break something suddenly with a sharp noise

Trick: to deceive

Grumpy: bad-tempered


Comprehension Questions.

  1. Who had the fluffiest and longest tail?   Answer; Bear.
  2. Bear and Fox were Enemies or Friends?
  3. Who came out of a hole with fish?
  4. Who played a trick?
  5. Why are the animals jealous of Bear?


We have to come to end of this class. I hope you enjoyed the story about Bear and Fox.

Keep having fun.

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