Adjectives III, Pronunciation, Asking and Answering Questions in Present Past and Future Tense. 

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Correct Use of Adjectives in Short Sentences.

When you want to describe something around you, what you taste, smell or feel, you use words. And those words are adjectives.

Examples of those words are; brilliant, tall, pretty, short, plenty, black, blue, big, round, and so on.

How can you correctly use adjectives in sentences?

Many times, we use more than one adjective in a sentence before a noun.

To use more than one adjective correctly in a sentence, there are patterns to follow.

  1. In using more than one adjective, we use the adjective of size or quantity first, then colour.

For example; the big black bag

Big black are adjectives and, in this case, we have two adjectives describing the noun ‘bag’.

Bassey lives in a tall green house

She has a short white dog.

  1. Use of “and” and “comma” correctly in adjectives.

You should have noticed that we did not use a comma or and in the previous examples.

For example:

The big and black bag

The big, black bag

She has a short and white dog

She has a short, white dog.

We only use “and” when adjectives are from the same group.


  1. Eva has a brown and blue skirt.
  2. She lives in a blue and red building
  3. My white and black dress is torn

We also use ‘and’ and commas when we have more than one adjective describing a noun. For instance;

  1. I have a red, yellow and green skirt.
  2. She is brave, brilliant and beautiful.
  3. Her skin is soft, shiny and oily.



Pronunciation of Given Words Correctly.

Pronounce these words:

  1. Gate                         /geyt/
  2. Butter                      /buht-er/
  3. Battery                   /bat-uh-ree/
  4. Father                      /fah-ther/
  5. Country                 /Kuhn-tree/
  6. Yellow                     /yel-oh/
  7. Woman                  /wim-in/
  8. School                    /skool/
  9. Night                       /nahyt/
  10. Water                      /wot-er/



TOPIC: Asking and Answering Questions on Present, Past, and Future Actions.

Actions words are known as verbs.



Singing                                                                                  Writing



Jumping                                                                               Sleeping



Running                                                                                            Brushing


Present Tense Verbs are verbs that show the actions happening in the present.

E.g. Run, Swim, Go, Jump etc.

Past tense verbs are verbs of actions performed in the past. For example;

I was at the zoo yesterday.

Future tense verbs are verbs of actions that will happen or yet to be performed.

E.g. I will be in school tomorrow.

Let us learn how to ask and answer questions in present, past and future tense.


Question Answer
Do you need the blade? Yes, I do.
Where are you at? I am at the mall
Where do you live I live on Simpson street



Question Answer
Did you watch the movie? Yes, I did.
What did you do at her house? I washed the plates
Were you in the last night? Yes, I was.



Future tense questions and answers always have the verb “will.”

Question Answer
Will you be at my birthday party? Yes, I will.
What time will the class end? The class will end at 1pm
When will you call Terry? I will call Terry tomorrow

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