Correct Use of Apostrophe

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How do you tell your friends about what you own?

You tell by using Possessives.

What are Possessives?

Possessives tell you who owns something.

They have an apostrophe and an ‘s’ at the end.

For Example;

Terry owns the bag.                                  Terry +’+ s + bag = Terry’s bag.

The fisher man + ‘s + net = The fisherman’s net

The old man’s cat.

Old man’s cat means the same thing as the old man owns the cat.

Fred’s ruler.

Fred’s ruler means the same as the ruler belongs to Fred.

Jason’s car.


Say out loud the owneres of each items below.

  1. Rachael’s shoes       
  2. Mercy’s brush                 
  3. Rufia’s pen                            
  4. The girl’s room                         
  5. Sailor’s ship                                                                  



The Naming Ceremony

Yesterday, Dipo and Lola went to their uncle’s house. Their aunt gave birth to a baby girl last week. Yesterday was the naming ceremony.

First, they sang a hymn. Grandpa put some water and some palm oil on the baby’s lips. He touched her face with some salt and a kola nut. Then he showed her some money. She held the money in her little hand. Everyone laughed.

Next Grandpa called out the names. The baby’s mother chose the name Monisola. Grandpa touched her foot on the ground. It was her first step.

Later there was a feast. In the evening there was music and dancing. Lola and Dipo had a wonderful time.

They got home late. They were very tired but very happy.

Comprehension Question.

  1. Where did Dipo and Lola go yesterday?     Dipo and Lola went to their uncle’s house.
  2. What happened last week?
  3. What did they do first at the ceremony?
  4. Why did everyone laugh?
  5. Who called out the names?
  6. What name did the baby mother choose?
  7. Do you like going to naming ceremonies? Why? / Why not?



Introducing individuals; Introduction Individually

How will you introduce yourself?

To introduce yourself, you start by saying your name.

My name is Victoria.

I am a girl.

I am six years old.

I live in Lagos.

The name of my school is J.V schools.

I am in primary two

I like to run and I like to eat ice creams.



Introduce yourself. .Fill the blank space.

My name is ______________

I am a ______________

I am _______ years old

I live in ____________

The name of my school is _______

I am in primary _________

I like ________


We have come to the end of today’s class. Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to ask in the comment box.

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