My Home.

Hello Dear.

Welcome to class.


My Home.

My home has six rooms. There is a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room, a dining room and two bed rooms.

In the kitchen there is a cooker and a fridge. We have a microwave cooker. It cooks the food very fast. We also have a kerosene stove. We use it when there is a power cut.

In the living room we have a sofa and an arm chair. There is a television and a CD player.

In the dining room, we have a table and chairs.

In the bathroom, there is a shower, a wash basin and a toilet.

My mother and father sleep in one bedroom. I slept there when I was a baby. Now I sleep in another bedroom with my brother. I have a bed and a chest of drawers for my clothes.

Basic Things in the home.


A Kitchen.                                                                                           A Bedroom


Microwave                                                                                                  Fridge


Dining Room                                                               Living Room



Bathroom                                                                       Kerosene Stove

Comprehension Questions.

  1. How can Lola’s family cook food quickly?         They use the micro wave cooler.
  2. When do they use the kerosene stove?
  3. Where did Lola sleep when she was a baby?
  4. Who sleeps in Lola’s room now?
  5. Where do Lola keep her clothes?
  6. How many rooms are there in your house?
  7. What is in the rooms in your house?


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