The Court

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In this lesson, we will be learning about the court.

Let us read this passage carefully.


The Court.


Last week, Femi and his sister Kemi, visited the high court in their town. They were invited by their uncle, Judge Wilson, who works there. their father drove them to the court. On the way, he explained that, “The court is a place where people who have disagreements go settle them according to the law.” He also told them that many people work in the court.

“What does judge do?” Kemi asked her father. “He does many things”, Mr Olu replied. “First, the judge   makes sure that everyone who comes to court obeys the rules. The judge also decides who wins the arguments that people bring to the court.”

When they got to the court premises, they saw some men and women dressed in black suits, white shirts, and wearing wigs standing at the entrance. “Those are lawyers”, their father said. “       They give pieces of advice to people called clients; on any disagreement they bring to the court. It is also the lawyer’s job to talk before the judge for the people who come to court”.

In Judge Wilson’s office, called his chambers, his secretary told them that he was about to begin a court session. They quickly went to the court room, which was a very large room filled with tables, desks and rows of seats. They sat among other people who had also come to court. A man in uniform stood close to the main door. Mr. Ojo told the children that he was a bailiff. A bailiff   makes sure that the people in the court obey the rules. On a low desk close to the corner sat the court interpreter. The job of an interpreter is to translate what is said in court for people who don’t speak or understand English.

There was also the court clerk the court clerk   keeps all the papers about the cases in the court and organizes them. The clerk also notes down the decisions or orders that the judge makes during a court session and is in charge of the court’s schedule.


Comprehension Question.

  1. Who invited Femi and his sister Kemi to the High Court?      They were invited by their uncle, Judge Wilson.
  2. Write two duties of a judge.
  3. Write two things lawyers wear.
  4. Is it only men that are lawyers?
  5. Mention two things that lawyers do.
  6. What is the name of the office where a judge sits?
  7. What is the work of a court bailiff?
  8. What does a court interpreter do?
  9. What does a court clerk do?
  10. In your opinion, is it a court bailiff or a court clerk that does more work?

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