What Does your Mother Do?


Reading Class Appropriate Passages and Identifying Facts on Occupation

What Does your Mother Do?

Zube: I like your hair

It is beautiful

Lola: Thank you.

My mummy does my hair. She is a hairdresser. She can do your hair, too. She will not be at work tomorrow. She does not work on Thursdays. She will be at work on Friday.

Zube: Oh, thank you!

Lola: You are lucky. You always wear beautiful clothes.

Zube: I am lucky. I do not but clothes! My mummy is a dressmaker.

She makes all my clothes.

Lola: What does your father do?

Zube: He is a bank manager. He works in a bank. What does your father do?

Lola: He is a builder. He builds houses and shops. Look at Dipo, my brother.

My mummy does not make his hair. He does not like hairdressers!


  1. What does Lola’s mother do? Lola’s mother is a hairdresser.
  2. When does Lola’s mother work?
  3. Who makes Zube’s clothes?
  4. What does Zube’s mother do?
  5. What does Zube’s father do?
  6. What does Lola’s father do?
  7. Does Lola’s mother do Dipo’s hair?
  8. Who does your hair?

See you in the next lesson.


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