Simple Sentences Using Present Continuous Tenses

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Simple Sentences Using Present Continuous Tense

Continuous tense tells us what is happening or what is going on as at the time of speaking.

I am talking to my friend.

Talking is the ongoing action here.

She is telling a story.

Tayo is dancing well to the music.

The children are looking at the sky.

The teacher is answering our questions.


Look around you, describe what you are doing and what others are doing in simple sentences.




It is time for Games!

It is time for games at G.I.S. Nursery and Primary School. Tutu is a pupil of the school. She is in primary two.

The pupils are on the school playground. They are playing different games. Boys are playing football while the girls are playing handball.

Look! The younger pupils are also on the playground. Some are throwing balls into a basket.        Some balls are going off the basket. Whoever throws more balls into the baskets is the winner.

Primary 5 and 6 pupils are playing cards while some are playing Ludo game. Card is very interesting. It is played by two people. Whoever places a joker wins all the cards! The pupils are very excited.


Comprehension Question

  1. What time is it at G.I.S. Primary School?       It is time for games.
  2. What class is Tutu?
  3. Which game are the boys playing?
  4. What are the younger pupils doing?
  5. What are the girls doing?
  6. Which game is very interesting?
  7. What game can you play?
  8. Mention three games from the passage?



Reading short stories to pupils and answer simple comprehension questions.

Classes of Food.

There are five different classes of food. Just as we have different classes of animals, plants and birds, food is also in different classes. For instance, yam and eggs do not belong to the same class.

The five classes of foods are proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, fats and oils as well as water.

Protein-giving food are meat, fish, chicken, milk and eggs. They build the body. Examples of carbohydrates are bread, rice and yam. They give us energy. Vitamins and minerals protect us from diseases and make our body fresh. They can be obtained from fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables belong to the same class of food.

Fats and oil give us energy. They also keep the skin warm and shining. Examples are shea butter, palm oil, margarine and groundnut oil. Water helps the food to digest and does not allow the blood to clot.

Comprehension Questions.

Answer the following questions.

  1. How many classes of food have we?             There are six classes of food.
  2. Which types of food give us carbohydrates?
  3. What does protein do to the body?
  4. Do yam and eggs belong to the same class?
  5. Which class of food protects our bodies from diseases?
  6. Are butter and milk of the same food class?
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