Food Preservation

Welcome to class, we will be talking about food preservative. I am sure that as you follow up you will enjoy the class.

Food preservation is the safe keeping of food items or food materials until they are needed. Many  times we don’t get to finish the produce we harvested from our farms and as such they need to be preserved. Also, we sometimes buy food stuffs in large quantities and we don’t finish using them or eating them. At those times too we need to preserve the food items.


  1. Describe three situations that will require us to preserve food.

Methods Of Food Preservation

Methods of preserving food include, steaming, freezing, salting, canning, smoking, cooling, refrigerating, etc


Why We Preserve Our Food

Food is preserved for the following reasons

  1. It stops food from getting spoilt.
  2. It will make food to stay for a longer time.
  3. It preserves the freshness of food
  4. It kills any germ that may be in the good.
  5. It prevents insects from destroying the food
  6. It protects food from smelling.



  1. What is food preservation?———————————————————————————
  2. When you preserve food, it will not spoil. True or False
  3. Germs are killed when we preserve good. True or False
  4. Food does not last long when they are preserved. True or False

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