Fruit Crops

Welcome to class, we will be talking about fruit crop. I am sure that as you follow up you will enjoy the class.

Fruit crops are plants that survive many years. They are perennial, edible crops. They are called permanent crops. Fruit crops produce edible fruits.

Some examples of fruit crops are: Mango, guava, orange, banana, pawpaw, etc


  1. In the picture below, identify and list ten different fruits that you can see in the pictures.

Uses Of Fruit Crops

  1. Fruit crops are eaten raw as sources of mineral salts and vitamins.
  2. Fruit crops are used to make juice eg. orange juice, pineapple juice etc.
  3. Some fruits are used to make wine eg grapes
  4. Some fruits are used to make drugs or used as medicines eg lime.


  1. Name four fruits you eat a)———————- b) ————–   c) —————   d) —————
  2. Fruit crops are called ———- crops.   a) temporary.  b) permanent
  3. Fruit crops are ———-.  a) edible.   b) refuse.   c) dangerous.
  4. Fruit crops are used in preparing ———— a) soups. b)     c) juice
  5. Trace colour and name the fruits below

we have come to the end of the class. If you have any questions ask using the comment box. Thank you for your time.


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