Oil And Fatty Foods

Welcome to class, we will be talking about oil and fatty food. I am sure that as you follow up you will enjoy the class.

Fats are one of the six classes of food needed by the body for it to function properly. Fats are one of the three main macronutrients, along with carbohydrates and proteins, and like carbohydrates and proteins, they have penty source and uses just like carbohydrates and proteins.


  1. Mention other macronutrients apart from fats and give examples of their sources.

Sources Of Fats And Oils

We obtain fats and oils from various sources. These sources include:

Palm oil, Palm kernel, groundnut, coconut, cotton seed, milk, mellon, soybeans etc. from palm kernel we get palm oil and from groundnut we can obtain groundnut oil or vegetable oil.


Uses Of Fats And Oil

  1.  We use oil to make soap
  2. We use oil to prepare soup and stew
  3. We use oil to fry and bake
  4. We use oil to make energy food such as butter or margarine.
  5. We use oil to grease metal tools to avoid rusting.


  1. ——— can be used to produce oil.   a) palm fruit.   b) orange fruit.   c) Banana fruit
  2. The oil from palm kernel is ——- in colour.   a) green.   b) Red.   c) black
  3. List three oily foods in your community. a)————— b) ——————-   c)  ———————-
  4. List three things we can fry with oil.——————-. b) ——————–     c). ————————-
  5. We make ——– with oil.   a) Soap.    b) Salt.    c) Wood.
  6. State four uses of vegetable oil.

we have come to the end of the class. If you have any questions ask using the comment box. Thank you for your time.

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