Classification Of Crops

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 Life span is the length of time from planting of a seed through its germination, maturity, flowering, and seed production to its death.

Crops may be grouped on the basis of their life cycle into the following

  • Annual crops
  • Biennials crops
  • Perennials crops

Annual Crops

These are crops which start and complete their life cycle within one year or one growing season.

Example of annual crops are maize, rice, pkra, millet, guinea corn, cowpea, wheat, groundnut, cotton etc.

Biennial Crops

Biennial crops are crop plants which require two seasons or years to complete their growth.

Examples are carrot, cabbage, pineapple, bulb, cocoyam, cassava, ginger etc

Perennial Crops

These are crops which require more than two years to develop into mature plants. They bear fruit every year, sometimes twice in a year. They are sometimes referred to as permanent crops.

Examples of perennial crops are mango, cashew, citrus, cocoa, oip palm, rubber, kolanut, mango, coconut, banana etc


  1. ———- can be referred to as the length of time it takes a plant to grow to maturity.  a). Life span.  b) life style.   c) life duration
  2. The crops which complete their life span in one year are called ——– crops.  a) annual    b) perennial   c) biennial.
  3. Perennial crops complete their life span in ———– years.  a) one.  b) two.  c) three or more.
  4. Give four examples of Biennial crops.
  5. Give four examples of annual crops

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