Changes in Animals


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Changes in Animals

Changes in Animals


We have seen the different changes which take place in plants and parts of a plant at different times and conditions. In this lesson, we shall be looking at the different changes that occur in different animals and human beings.

Growth changes in human beings

There are four growth and developmental stages of human beings. They are:

  1. Infant stage
  2. Childhood stage
  3. Adolescent stage
  4. Adult stage.

In each of the stages, different changes in growth occur.


Discuss with a friend the different changes that have occurred in your lives as you grow.

  1. Have you increased in height?
  2. Have you gained weight?
  3. Did your food type change as you move from infant stage to childhood stage?
  4. Did the size of the clothes change?
Names of the young of animals
Animal Name of their young
1 Dog Puppy
2 Lion cub
3 Goat kid
4 Cat kitten
5 Donkey colt
6 Cattle calf
7 Rat Mouse

The life cycle of insects

Insects undergo developmental changes too. These changes are called metamorphosis. Some insects undergo complete metamorphosis, for example mosquitoes, butterflies, and houseflies. Other insects undergo incomplete metamorphosis, for example: cockroach, termites, lice etc. There are four stages in the complete metamorphosis: namely

  1. EGG
  2. LARVA
  3. PUPA

There are three stages in the incomplete metamorphosis, namely:

  1. EGG
  2. PUPA

Activity 2

Match each of the following animals to their correct young

Animal Name of their young
1 Dog kid
2 Lion calf
3 Goat mouse
4 Cat Mouse
5 Donkey lamb
6 Cattle kitten
7 Rat puppy
8 Sheep cub
  1. Mention the four stages of growth in human beings
  2. Mention the two types of metamorphosis.


  1. What is metamorphosis
  2. List the four stages found in complete metamorphosis.
  3. Mention five different animals and their young.


In our next class, we will be talking about Changes in Non-Living Things.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

Should you have any further question, feel free to ask in the comment section below and trust us to respond as soon as possible.

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