Harmful Food


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Harmful Food

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In the past weeks, we have been learning about food. We have learnt about food substances and their uses in the body. We have also learnt about the importance of eating a balanced diet and what it is that makes up a balanced diet.

In this lesson,  we will be learning about contaminated foods and good eating habit.

Harmful foods

Food contamination refers to the presence of harmful chemicals and microorganisms in food, which can cause consumer illness. When food is contaminated it is said to be harmful.

There are various ways that food can become contaminated, they include:

  1. When food is not covered or properly covered, flies and other germs can get in.
  2. When food is not hygienically prepared. Example
  3. When it is prepared in a dirty environment.
  4. When it is prepared with impure water.
  5.  When food is prepared with a lot of chemicals and additives.
  6. When we talk too much while cooking,  our saliva might get into the food.
  7. Sneezing or coughing openly while cooking or eating.

All these will make food contaminated and thus renders it harmful and unsafe for consumption as it will likely affect our health.


  1. When is food said to be harmful?
  2. Give examples of preparing food in an unhygienic environment.

Bad feeding habit

Many people fall into a routine that constitutes bad feeding habit.

Below are a few bad feeding habits people indulge in

  1. Skipping breakfast
  2. Not drinking enough water
  3. Eating a lot of junk food in place of real food
  4. Not exercising enough
  5. Eating late at night and not allowing the food to digest before going to bed.
  6. Drinking juice instead of water while eating.
  7. Eating fruits without washing them
  8. Eating with unwashed hands.
  9. Not taking enough natural fruits
  10. Cooking or eating in a dirty environment and cooking with pots and pans not properly washed.


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