Growing Plants – Gardening Tools and Conditions for Growing Crops


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In today’s class, we will be talking about growing plants – gardening tools and conditions for growing crops. Enjoy the class!

Growing Plants

Gardening tools


In the last lesson, we learnt about different soil types and constituents of soil. We also learnt that loamy soil is the best soil for plants and the properties of loamy soil that makes it the best for plants.

In this lesson, we will be exploring different gardening tools, and also looking at the conditions required to grow crops.

Gardening tools

  1. Gardening Fork – This is a tool for digging. It is used for loosening soil in gardening and farming.
  2. Hand Trowel – this is used for digging and smoothening substances
  3. Garden Gloves – this is worn on the hands to protect them.
  4. Rake – used to collect leaves, hay, grass,
  5. Digging Shovel –
  6. Garden Spade – helps cut sod, reshape beds and for digging out deeper planting holes.
  7. Hose + Spray Nozzles – for spraying water.
  8. Wheelbarrow – this is used for moving earth and other things within the garden.
  9. Watering can – For watering flowers.


  1. List 5 garden tools
  2. Write the uses of the tools mentioned above.
Care of garden tools

The following are ways to keep your gardening tools in good shape for continuous use.

  1. Wash the dirt off the tools after each use.
  2. Dry the tools after washing to prevent rusting
  3. Store in a safe place to prevent loss or injury
  4. Sharpen hoes, cutlass, knives, prunes etc occasionally
  5. Tighten any loose knot to prevent them from coming off the tool.
Conditions for growing plants

For plants to grow well, certain conditions must be met. They are essential things required by the plant for proper growth. They are:

  1. Air
  2. Water
  3. Mineral nutrients
  4. Good or fertile soil.
  1. Write three ways by which garden tools can be cared for
  2. Mention four conditions required by plants for healthy growth.


  • Identify and Draw four different garden tools.


In our next class, we will be talking about Growing Plants – Soil Preparation, Planting and Nurturing of Plants.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

Should you have any further question, feel free to ask in the comment section below and trust us to respond as soon as possible.

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