How to Construct Shapes by Using Wood, Paper or Metal


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In today’s class, we will be talking about shape construction. Enjoy the class!

Shape Construction with Wood and Metal

Shape Construction with Wood and Metal


In the last lesson, we learnt about the construction of shapes with paper; the different tools used in shape construction was learnt too. We also learnt some shape construction methods like folding, bending, cutting etc.

In today’s lesson, we shall focus on wood and metal as shape construction materials.

Properties of wood and metal

To use any material for construction, its properties should be known. These will help to make the right decision as to which method is to be used.

Properties of wood
  1. It is light and can float on water
  2. It does not conduct electricity
  3. It can easily break
  4. It does not rust
  5. It can be cut into shapes
Properties of metals
  1. It is heavy and can sink in water
  2. It can be polished to have a shiny surface
  3. It can be easily folded or bent
  4. It can be hammered into sheets
  5. It can conduct heat and electricity
Tools used for shape construction


Complete the table below

  Cutting tools The material it can cut


  1. Material for shape construction are ————-, ———– and ————–
  2. Two properties of wood are



  1. List three objects that can be constructed in a wood workshop


In our next class, we will be talking about Identification and Types of Building.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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