Weather Instruments, Symbols and Record Chart


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In today’s class, we will be talking about weather instruments, symbols and record chart. Enjoy the class!

Weather Instruments, Symbols and Record Chart

Weather Instruments, Symbols and Record Chart


In the last lesson, we learnt what weather is. We also saw the difference between weather and climate. We looked at various factors that affect weather, weather conditions and how weather determines our actions at times. In this lesson, we will be learning about weather instruments and symbols.


Weather instruments are tools required to measure or monitor weather factors or weather conditions.

Weather symbols are used by meteorologists to represent different weather conditions during a weather forecast.


Stand outside in the cool of the day. Do you feel the wind or air blowing? Can you tell the direction it is coming from or where it is going?

Weather instruments

Below are a few common weather instruments.


  1. Draw the diagrams above. 2. What do you think each of the diagrams above is used for.
Some weather Instruments and their function
Weather Instrument Function
1 Thermometer Used to measure the temperature of a place or person.
2 Wind Vane Used to measure the direction of the wind.
3 Rain Gauge Use to measure the quantity or amount of rainfall.
4 Barometer Used to measure the pressure of the atmosphere.
5 Clock Shows or indicates the time.
6 Anemometer Used to measure the speed of the wind.
7 Hygrometer Used to measure relative humidity.
Weather symbols

During weather forecasting, meteorologists make use of different symbols to show or indicate different weather conditions.

Meteorologists use weather symbols to prepare weather charts after predicting the weather. People can then use the charts to make decisions if they would go to a place or not


Using the above chart as a guide, prepare your own weather chart showing various symbols.

  1. Mention five weather instruments
  2. State the function of the instruments mentioned above
  3. Who is a meteorologist?
  4. Give five examples of weather conditions
  5. The speed of the wind is measured with ————

Reading assignment

Rainbow and colours of the rainbow


In our next class, we will be talking about Colours.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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