Measuring Solid


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In today’s class, we will be talking about measuring solid. Enjoy the class!

Measuring Solid

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We are still exploring measurement; In the last lesson, we saw how liquids can be measured. Today we will be looking at the measurement of solids, measurement of the volume of solids etc

The volume of regular solids

The volume of a solid object with a regular shape (e.g. rectangular box, cube, cylinder, sphere) can be determined using the volume formula for the shape. The formulae for finding the volume of a cuboid is:

Length x breadth x height i.e.(L X B X H) while that of a cylinder is #r2h

The volume of irregular solids

Irregular solids are those that do not have a regular shape. Because they do not have a regular shape, measuring their volume is not with a formula like you do with regular shape. To measure the volume of irregular shape e.g. Stone

  • Put water in a measuring cylinder and record the volume
  • Tie a string around the irregular object and lower it into the water in the cylinder.
  • Measure the volume of water again.
  • The difference in the volume of water before the stone was lowered into it and after is the volume of the object.
  • g. if the volume of water before the stone was dropped is 50cl and the volume became 55c after the stone was dropped, the volume of the stone will be:

55cl – 50cl = 5cl

Hence the volume of the stone is 5cl.

  1. What is volume?
  2. What are the steps taken to find the volume of an irregular object?


  1. Calculate the volume of the following


In our next class, we will be talking about Measuring Time.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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