Changes in Non-Living Things


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In today’s class, we will be talking about changes in non-living things. Enjoy the class!

Changes in Non-Living Things



The environment we live in is made up of living and non-living things. While living things can move, breath, feed, reproduce and perform all other characteristics of living things, non-living things cannot perform any of the mentioned characteristics. However, both living and non-living things experience different kinds of changes.

In the previous lessons, we learnt about the different changes that take place in plants and animals. Plants and animals are living things. In this week’s lesson, we shall be looking at some of the changes that take place in non-living things.


  1. Mention the living and the non-living things that can be found in your environment.
  2. Can you identify any changes taking place in any non-living thing around you?

Rusting occurs when a red or orange coating is formed on the surface of any iron when it is exposed to air and water. Rusting takes occur in any metals object like cutlery, iron roofing, nails, needles, pins, etc

To prevent objects from rusting, they are coated with oil or grease.


This is a type of Micro-organism that grow on the surface of objects e.g. foods like bread, yam, etc when exposed to air and moisture the grow mould on them. These moulds make the food to have an unpleasant taste and then not fit to be eaten. The food substance is seen to have changed texture and colour.

Melting and freezing

These two occurrences are changes that take place in non-living things like water and ice.

When ice is heated, the temperature rises then it melts; that is, it turns to water. On the other hand, when water is cooled, the temperature is reduced, then the water freezes and turns to ice.


Light a candle and observe the changes that took place after some time. Record your observation.

Changes that occur in a lighted candle after:

Time interval Observations
After 5mins
After 10mins


  1. Mention two changes that can take place in non-living things.


Describe what happens to a piece of wood when it is put in fire.


In our next class, we will be talking about Our Weather.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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