The Feeding System – Teeth, Tongue and Lips


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The Feeding System

The Feeding System


In today’s lesson, we will be focusing on the component of the feeding system and their functions. There are other systems in the body which is constantly at work to keep the body in order. The mouth is part of the digestive system. It is where digestion starts. The mouth consists of the teeth, tongue, and lips.

The teeth:

Sets of teeth

Teeth can be categorized into two,  namely: temporary teeth(also called milk teeth) and permanent teeth.

  1. Temporary(milk) teeth: this is the first set of teeth in children. They are lost at 7years to be replaced by the second set.
  2. Permanent teeth: this is the set of teeth in adults. They are 32 in number.
Types of teeth

The teeth in our mouth are of various shapes and sizes. There are four types of teeth, they are:

  1. Incisors: These are the first front teeth, eight in number; four up and four down.
  2. Canines: these are sharp and pointed,  next to the incisors. They are four in number. Two up and two down.
  3. Premolars: these are next to the canine; they have flat surfaces. A total of eight in number. Four in the upper jaw and four down.
  4. Molars: they also have flat surfaces and are twelve in number. Six in the upper jaw and six down.

Uses of teeth
  1. Incisors: used for biting and cutting food
  2. Canines: used for tearing and cutting food
  3. Premolars: They are used for grinding and chewing
  4. Molar: they are also used for chewing and grinding.

The tongue:

  1. The tongue is located in the mouth and is used for tasting.
  2. The tongue is able to detect sweet, sour,  salty and bitter taste.

During feeding, the tongue plays the following role.

  1. Support movement of food in the mouth
  2. Helps to mix food with saliva to soften it
  3. Supports swallowing of food into the gullet.

The lips:

The lips are two soft edges of the mouth. They serve as the gate to the mouth. They also protect the teeth and tongue from being exposed.

During feeding, they play the following role:
  1. They support food into the mouth
  2. The prevent the food from pouring out of the mouth
  3. They protect the food in the mouth.

  1. Mention four types of teeth and their function.
  2. Differentiate the two sets of teeth.
  3. Mention four different taste that the tongue can pick


  1.  Write the roles of the tongue and the lips during the feeding process.


In our next class, we will be talking about Food (Types and Uses).  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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