Equipment and Materials for the Maintenance of the Family House


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  • Reasons for the Care and Maintenance of the House
  • Cleaning Agents
  • Cleaning Equipment


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Maintenance of the house involves the various processes of keeping the functional rooms in the house and all the household equipment and tools in a constant state of cleanliness and good condition. Maintenance of the house is achieved with the use of various cleaning agents and cleaning equipment.


Reasons for the care and maintenance of the house

  1. Maintenance makes the house beautiful, neat and inviting.
  2. Care and maintenance of the house promote good health for the family.
  3. Regular maintenance prolongs the life span of the household materials.
  4. It takes less time to maintain than to clean very dirty articles.



  1. Explain what you understand by the maintenance of the family house.
  2. State three reasons for the maintenance of the house.



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These are substances used in removing dirt and stains from household equipment. They make cleaning fast and easy.


Classes of Cleaning Agents

  1. Solvents- These are substances which remove dirt by liquefying it and holding it in suspension e.g. water, grease solvent.
  2. Soaps and detergent – They aid the removal of grease and dirt. Examples are Ariel, Omo, B29, Canoe, etc.
  3. Abrasives – These clean by rubbing off dirt through friction, e.g. scouring powder, sandpaper, etc.
  4. Alkaline Cleaners – They combine readily with grease and dirt to reduce the amount of rubbing needed for cleaning, e.g. borax, washing soda, household ammonia.
  5. Acidic Cleaners – They remove tarnish or rust from a metal such as copper, e.g. vinegar, lemon or lime juice.
  6. Waxes and polishes – They are used to protect surfaces and improve appearance, e.g. cream wax, liquid wax, floor polish, furniture polish, etc.
  7. Bleaches – They are used for removing stubborn stains and for whitening articles, e.g. JIK, hypo, parozone, etc.



  1. What are cleaning agents?
  2. List three classes of cleaning agents with examples.




  1. Brooms and brushes: They are used for sweeping and removing surface dirt and dust.
  2. Dusters: They are used to gather and remove dust from surfaces.
  3. Mops: They are attached to a long or short handle and used for cleaning the floor.
  4. Dustpans: These are used for gathering dust and dirt.
  5. Dust bin: It is used for disposing of refuse.
  6. Buckets and pails: They are used for carrying water for cleaning.
  7. Carpet sweeper: It is used for removing surface dust and dirt from carpets and rugs.
  8. Vacuum cleaner: This is an electrical labour-saving device for removing dust and dirt from carpet and rugs. It is major cleaning equipment.

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Care of Cleaning Equipment
  1. Brooms – Wash, dry and store them properly.
  2. Brushes – They should be washed in warm soapy water and put out to dry, after every use.
  3. Dust Pan – It should be washed often, dried and stored properly.
  4. Carpet Sweeper – Clean according to the direction in the manufacturer’s handbook
  5. Vacuum Cleaner – It should be used and maintained according to the directions in the manufacturers’ handbook, which comes with it.
  6. Mop – Wash mops with soap and water and dry.
  7. Dust bin – Wash with soapy water and sponge. Disinfect weekly and dry.
  8. Buckets and pails – Wash them with sponge, soap and water.
  9. Dusters – Wash with soapy water and dry.



  1. List six cleaning equipment.
  2. State how you will care for two of the listed above.


Guidelines for House Maintenance
  1. Set time for daily, weekly and seasonal cleaning of the house always.
  2. Always adopt the habit of repairing and inspecting all household furniture.
  3. Make use of appropriate cleaning agent/material for a particular surface.
  4. Cleaning agents and materials should be out of the reach of children.
  5. Each surface should be given the correct cleaning treatment.
  6. Household waste should be properly disposed of on a daily basis.

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General Guidelines for Care of Cleaning Equipment
  1. All cleaning equipment and tools should be handled carefully.
  2. They should be used correctly.
  3. They should also be clean after each use. For example:
    • a) Remove dirt from brittle of brushes and brooms.
    • b) Wash mops and dry.
    • c) Wash dustpans and buckets.
  4. Give each equipment more thorough cleaning once a week.
  5. Store each equipment properly after use and cleaning.
  6. Avoid damaging equipment.
  7. Repair a piece of damaged equipment as soon as possible.



  1. List four materials needed for household maintenance.
  2. State three guidelines for house maintenance.
  3. List different classes of cleaning agents.
  4. List and explain the methods of waste disposal.
  5. State three qualities of a good waste bin.



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