The Family House – Sitting room, Dining room and kitchen


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  • Sitting room
  • Dining room
  • Kitchen

 In any family house, there are different rooms or areas. Each room or area is usually used for different purposes or activities or functions; hence they are referred to as functional rooms or areas. The functional rooms include the sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, toilet and bathroom.



It is one of the functional rooms at home. It is commonly used by every member of the family.

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Uses of Sitting Room

  1. The sitting room serves as a relaxation centre for the family members.
  2. It is used for receiving and entertaining visitors.
  3. It is a place where we listen to the news on the radio or T.V broadcast
  4. It can be used for social activities such as meetings, parties and discussing family matters.
  5. Part of the sitting room can be used as a dining room. When this happens, the sitting room is referred to as a living room.


Sitting room furniture

  1. A set of settee or chairs. These are available in different shapes, sizes and forms.
  2. A centre table.
  3. Side stools.
  4. Electronics such as television, radio, fan, etc.
  5. Wall decorations.
  6. Bookshelf/ wall cabinet



  1. What are functional rooms?
  2. State three uses of a sitting room




This is another functional room in the house. It can be a separate room or part of the sitting room.

Uses of Dining room

  1. It is used as a centre for family meals.
  2. It can be used for serving meals to visitors.

Furniture in the Dining room

  1. A Dining table and chairs.
  2. A Sideboard or cupboard for storing cutlery, glasses, table mats, table linen, beverages, etc.
  3. A wash hand bowl stand.



  1. State two uses of a dining room.
  2. Mention three things that can be found in the dining room.



Kitchen is one of the functional rooms in a home. It is as important as other rooms. The kitchen can be referred to as domestic workshop where the preparation, working and serving of foods is done.


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Uses of Kitchen

  1. It is used for food preparation and cooking.
  2. It is used for food storage.

Types of Kitchen

  1. Traditional kitchen
  2. Modern kitchen


Traditional Kitchens

They are found in rural areas and have the following features:

  1. They are built as a separate unit from the main house.
  2. The floor can be either mud or concrete.
  3. An open or free drainage system is often used.
  4. The shelves or kitchen racks are commonly made of wood or bamboo.
  5. Common fuels used are firewood, charcoal or coal.
  6. The fireplace can be any of the following types:

– fixed e.g.  Cooker

– Movable e.g. a metal tripod

– Three big stones arranged in a triangular position.


Modern Kitchens

These are common with modern buildings. They have the following features or characteristics:

  1. The kitchen is part of the main building and often next to the dining room or sitting room.
  2. The floor can either be concrete, tiles or marble.
  3. The kitchen has fixtures such as sink, tap, draining board, cabinets, shelves, etc.
  4. Common fuel used is kerosene, gas and electricity.
  5. The kitchen makes use of a concealed drainage system. Used water is disposed of with the use of drainage pipes and septic tanks

Furniture and fixtures found in the modern kitchen

  1. The cooker
  2. Storage cupboard with shelves.
  3. Sink with draining board.
  4. Kitchen taps fitted to the sink.
  5. Refrigerator and deep freezer
  6. Pestle and mortar
  7. Cooking pots and pans, blenders and many more.




  1. Differentiate between a house and a home.
  2. List the two types of kitchen with three features each.
  3. List five items in the sitting room
  4. List the food groups and state their functions.
  5. State three guidelines for healthy feeding habit



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In our next class, we will be talking about The Family House – Bedroom, Toilet and Bathroom. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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