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  • Importance of Flower Arrangement
  • Materials Needed for Flower Arrangement
  • Types of Flower Arrangement
  • Rules to Observe in Arranging Flower
  • Simple Home Decoration


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Flowers are used for decoration. Flowers can be used to add colour and beauty to the home especially the sitting room and dining room. Examples of flowers are Hibiscus, the pride of Barbados, lilies, roses, Alamanda, morning glory, queen of the night, etc.


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Importance of Flower Arrangement

  1. Beautifully arranged flowers can be used to brighten up the rooms in the house.
  2. They create desirable feelings of calmness and coolness in the room.
  3. Arrangement of flowers tells much about the personalities of the people using the rooms and depicts their taste.
  4. Flowers increase the circulation of air in the room.



  1. Mention four different types of flowers.
  2. State three importance of flower.


Materials Needed for Flower Arrangement
  1. Flower: Almost all types of flowers, leaves and plants can be arranged beautifully. Artificial flowers can also be used.
  2. Flower Vases and Containers: There are different shapes and sizes of flower vases which can be used. Also different containers such as tins, bowls, dishes, bottles, snail shell, etc. can be used as flower vases. These containers can be wrapped with beautiful wrapping papers or painted, while some can even be used as they are.  
  3. Flower Holders: These are materials that can be used to hold flowers in position when placed in a vase. They are used to prevent a particular arrangement from falling. Examples are plastic flower holders, crumpled wire netting, sand, small pebbles, florist clay, etc.
  4. A Pair of Scissors or a Sharp Knife: This is needed for cutting the flower
  5. Water: It is needed to keep the flowers fresh.

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  1. Tall or vertical arrangement for narrow space.
  2. Triangular arrangement for the centre of a table placed against a wall.
  3. Oval or circular arrangement for large space.
  4. Crescent arrangement for dining tables.
  5. Horizontal arrangement for dining and conference tables.



  1. Study the place where the flower will be placed.
  2. Choose a suitable flower arrangement outline for the place.
  3. Select a suitable flower vase for the arrangement.
  4. Collect flowers early in the morning.
  5. Handle the flowers carefully.
  6. Always use a sharp knife or pair of scissors for cutting flowers. Flowers must be cut at an angle of about 45º.
  7. Do not allow the flowers to stand for a long time before arranging.
  8. There must be unity between the container, the holder and the flower itself.
  9. The arrangement must be beautiful and suitable for the original intention.
  10. It must be simple, well balanced, stable and impressive.



  1. List three materials for flower arrangement.
  2. State two rules to follow when arranging flowers.




Home decoration is the art of beautifying rooms and other interior areas of a house. Decoration makes the home comfortable, attractive and cool. The way a home is decorated shows the personality and taste of the people using the rooms.


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Important Factors and Items in Home Decoration
  1. Colour: Colour plays an important role in home decoration. It sets the mood of a room; it makes it cheerful, inviting, stimulating, relaxing and bright.

Uses of colour in home decoration

      1. It adds warmth, peace and quiet to a room.
      2. It adds beauty to a room.
      3. Colours can unify an area.
      4. It can make a room cheerful and welcoming or depressing and dull.

Rules for choosing a colour in home decorations

      1. Size of the room
      2. Size and shape of the room
      3. The amount of light entering the room
      4. The people to use the room
      5. Choose a suitable colour scheme, do not use too many colours for one room. 
  1. Furniture and fixtures: Furniture is a set of chairs, tables, etc. while fixtures are structures that are fixed permanently in the room. They serve both functional and decorative purposes.
  2. Curtains: They add colour to a room and beautify it. They also provide privacy in a room. Good patterned curtains should be chosen to blend with the size of the windows.
  3. Floor Coverings: They add colour, warmth and comfort to a room. Floor coverings such as carpet, rugs, etc. should be chosen, bearing in mind the colour scheme of the room so as to add beauty to the room.
  4. Wall Decoration/Hangings: Articles such as ornaments, pottery, pictures, calendars and small items of furniture hung on the wall help to add beauty to the room.



  1. List five types of flower arrangement.
  2. Define home decoration.
  3. Explain three uses of colour in home decoration.
  4. Mention and explain two ways of violating human rights.
  5. Explain three importance of clean surrounding in the home.



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