The Family House – Bedroom, Toilet and Bathroom

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In today’s Home Economics class, We will be discussing The Family House. We will be focusing on the Bedroom, Toilet and Bathroom. We hope you enjoy the class!


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  • Bedroom
  • Toilet
  • Bathroom



The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the home.

Uses of Bedroom

  1. It is used for sleeping at night.
  2. It is used for resting and relaxing during the day.
  3. It is used for keeping important and valuable personal belongings, such as documents, clothes, jewellery, etc.
  4. It provides privacy for the members of the family.
  5. It also used for dressing and making up.

bedroom family house home econs classnotesng

Furniture and Fixtures in the Bedroom

  1. Bed and beddings
  2. Wardrobe
  3. A bedside cupboard
  4. A dressing table
  5. A stool/chair
  6. Shoe rack



  1. State three uses of a bedroom.
  2. Mention four pieces of furniture in the bedroom.




It is one of the important rooms in the home. It is used mainly to get rid of waste products from the body mainly, urine and faeces. Toilets are either attached to the main house or detached.

Types of Toilet / Latrines

A. Pit Latrines: Pit latrines are commonly found in rural areas. It is built at the back of the main building normally at some distance from the house to keep away flies. It is constructed by digging the ground to about 4-6m and covering it with concrete slab or plank that has a round hole in the centre.

pit latrines toilet family house home econs classnotesng

Advantages of Pit toilet

      1. It is not as expensive as a modern toilet.
      2. It can be built with local materials.
      3. It does not require water for flushing.


      1. It cannot be part of the main house.
      2. It gives off a bad and unpleasant odour.
      3. It is not hygienic and convenient.
      4. It harbours too many flies and cockroaches, which are disease carriers.
      5. It is not durable- a person can fall into the toilet


B. Bucket Latrine: In this type of toilet, a bucket is used instead of a trench. In this case, a wooden box or concrete platform with a hole in the centre is built and a bucket is placed within the box directly under the hole. There is usually a small door through which the bucket can be removed daily. The bucket is usually emptied at night.

bucket latrine family house home econs classnotesng

Advantages of the bucket toilet

      1. It is simple and easy to construct.
      2. It is not expensive to construct.
      3. The faeces can be removed daily. This reduces infection.


      1. It is not hygienic and healthy.
      2. It gives off a bad and unpleasant smell.
      3. It harbours too many flies and cockroaches.
      4. There may not be a place to empty the bucket on time.
      5. Night soil men who empty the bucket are scarce.


C. Modern Toilet: It is also called a water closet (W.C).  It is made with a complete water system found in modern homes in towns and cities. It is room within the main house equipped with all the toilet facilities such as:

      1. water closet
      2. wash hand basin
      3. a fitting cover
      4. a cistern or water tank and
      5. Connecting pipes.

modern toilet family house home econs classnotesng

Advantages of modern toilet

      1. It is hygienic and convenient to use.
      2. It is neat and does not smell if properly maintained.
      3. There are no faeces left in the toilet to attract flies.


      1. It is expensive to build than other types of toilet.
      2. It cannot be used without water.
      3. Only soft tissue paper can be used with WC.


  1. Name the three types of toilet we have.
  2. State three advantages and two advantages of a modern toilet.




The bathroom is one of the functional rooms in the home. It is used for bathing and sometimes used for washing of clothes.

Types of Bathrooms

A. Traditional Bathroom:  This is always built separately from the main house. The walls are usually constructed with thatched grass, palm fronds, corrugated iron sheet, mud or blocks. In most cases, it has no roofing and the floor is always bear with a big flat stone or plank at the centre. The location can be changed based on the desire of the owner. It makes use of free drainage system.

Advantages of traditional bathroom

      1. It is simple, easy and cheap to build.
      2. Its location can easily be changed.
      3. It is easier to maintain.
      4. It can be built with locally available materials.


      1. It is not durable, therefore cannot last for a long time.
      2. It does not provide privacy.
      3. It requires constant repair.
      4. There is no proper drainage for wastewater.
      5. It has no roof, therefore, not suitable when it is raining.


B. Shower-type Bathroom: This is another type of bathroom found in the house. This type of bathroom usually has cemented floor, tap water, shower and drainage passage for used water. It has a roof and a door for privacy. It has no bathtub. This type of bathroom is found in many average homes with many tenants that share bathing facilities, boarding houses or schools.

Advantages of shower-type bathroom

      1. It is convenient and easy to use.
      2. It provides privacy.
      3. It does not waste time.
      4. It is more durable than a traditional bathroom.
      5. It is simple and cheap to build when compared with the modern bathroom.


      1. It is more expensive than the traditional bathroom.
      2. The floor which is concrete can be slippery leading to an accident.
      3. The shower cannot be used when there is no water.


C. Modern Bathroom: This type of bathroom is commonly found in cities and urban areas. It is usually located within the main building. The bathroom has some fittings such as bathtub, water heater, cold and hot water taps, shower, wash-hand basin, mirror, shower curtains etc. The floor is usually made of cement finished with tiles or terrazzo. The bathroom can be combined with the toilet in one room.

modern bathroom family house home econs classnotesng

Advantages of bathroom

      1. It is comfortable to use.
      2. It provides for privacy.
      3. It is hygienic and neat.
      4. It is convenient to use because it is part of the building.


      1. It is very expensive and difficult to maintain.
      2. It requires special cleaning materials and methods of cleaning to keep it attractive.
      3. It requires a constant supply of water to use and to keep clean.



  1. State three uses of the sitting room.
  2. State two uses of a bedroom.
  3. List three types of bathroom.
  4. Mention types of toilet
  5. What is a house? Name three types of houses in Nigeria.



We have come to the end of this class. We do hope you enjoyed the class?

Should you have any further question, feel free to ask in the comment section below and trust us to respond as soon as possible.

In our next class, we will be talking about Equipment and Materials for the maintenance of the Family house. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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