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  • Care of Various Functional Rooms in the House
  • Daily Cleaning
  • Weekly Cleaning



Daily Cleaning

  1. Air the room by opening all the windows.
  2. Put away scattered materials e.g. newspaper, toys, etc.
  3. Empty ashtrays into the bin and dust the astray.
  4. Sweep the floor with a hand broom. If it is the rug type, brush the carpet with a hard brush or vacuum cleaner.
  5. Dust the surfaces including the window, doors, table, etc.
  6. Arrange the magazine and newspapers neatly on the side table.
  7. Arrange the seats and other furniture in the room.
  8. Put fresh flowers in the vase if available.

cleaning sitting room home econs classnotesng

Weekly Cleaning

  1. Open the doors and windows to air the room.
  2. If curtains, table cloths, etc. are dirty, remove them and wash.
  3. Remove all movable furniture such as chairs, side stools and centre table from the room.
  4. Remove all hangings from the wall and clean.
  5. Brush ceiling and wall with a long broom.
  6. Take out the floor covering e.g. carpet, rug, etc. if possible and clean.
  7. Clean the windows according to type.
  8. Clean and treat the floor according to its type.
  9. Dust and polish all the furniture.
  10. Return the furniture and arrange properly.
  11. Hang the curtains, photographs, etc. and put everything back in their proper position.



Daily Cleaning

  1. Open the windows and sweep the floor. Reach all corners and under the furniture.
  2. Clean the table with a clean piece of cloth wrung out in warm soapy water.
  3. Dust the chairs and other pieces of furniture.
  4. Put fresh flowers.


After Meal Cleaning

  1. Clear the table and remove any pieces of food.
  2. Clean the table mats and put them away.
  3. Clean the table. Dirty table attracts flies.
  4. Sweep off all pieces of food on the floor.
  5. Arrange the chairs neatly.


Weekly Cleaning

Follow the procedure for the weekly cleaning for the sitting room. Clean table mats, table covers and napkins according to type.



  1. State the steps involved in the daily cleaning of the sitting room.
  2. State after-meal cleaning of the dining room.




Daily Cleaning

  1. Open the windows to air the room.
  2. Sweep down cobwebs and dust from the ceiling and walls.
  3. Sweep the floor.
  4. Wash any dirty plates and utensils.
  5. Clean the sink, draining board and the wall around it.
  6. Wipe the stove or cooker.
  7. Dust other surfaces in the kitchen e.g. cabinet, table, etc.
  8. Mop the floor.
  9. Arrange the utensils.
  10. Empty the wastebasket.

cleaning kitchen home economics classnotesng

Weekly Cleaning

  1. Air the kitchen by opening the windows.
  2. Take out the kitchen equipment and utensils and clean according to type.
  3. Sweep down cobwebs and dust from the ceiling, windows and walls.
  4. Sweep out the food store.
  5. Clean the cooker and stove thoroughly.
  6. Scrub the storage shelves, cupboard or cabinet thoroughly and dry.
  7. Clean the sink with the draining board and its surroundings.
  8. Sweep and scrub the floor according to type.
  9. Line the shelves and cabinets with old newspaper to prevent stains.
  10. Bring in the equipment and arrange them properly.
  11. Dispose of all refuse properly.
  12. Scrub the dustbin, rinse thoroughly with disinfectant water and allow to dry in the sun.




Daily Cleaning

  1. Air the room by opening the windows.
  2. Take up the mosquito net and adjust it neatly, if it is in use.
  3. Dust surfaces like drawer, table lamp stand e.t.c.
  4. Sweep the floor neatly.
  5. Make the bed.
  6. Arrange the dressing table.

cleaning bedroom home econs classnotes

Weekly Cleaning

  1. Open the windows.
  2. Strip the bed of the bedding.
  3. Remove the mattress and pillows from the bed and shake well to remove dust.
  4. Brush the ceiling and walls with the long broom.
  5. Clean windows and doors.
  6. Sweep the floor and scrub.
  7. Polish the furniture.
  8. Wash the bed linen and dry.
  9. Make the bed.
  10. Replace and neatly arrange the furniture.
  11. Dispose of any refuse properly.



  1. State the daily cleaning of the kitchen.
  2. Outline the weekly cleaning of the bedroom.



Daily Cleaning

  1. Open the window.
  2. Flush the toilet.
  3. Sweep the floor.
  4. Clean the inside and the outside of the toilet bowl with the cover with toilet cleaner and brush.
  5. Rinse and flush the toilet.
  6. Clean the floor according to type.
  7. Supply toilet paper if necessary.


Weekly Cleaning

  1. Open the door and window.
  2. Sweep down the ceiling, door, window and walls to remove cobwebs.
  3. Sweep the floor.
  4. Clean door and window according to type.
  5. Flush the toilet. Sprinkle toilet cleaner and scrub thoroughly with a good toilet brush. Flush again.
  6. Clean the outside of the bowl, cover and cistern.
  7. Scrub the floor according to type with disinfectant water.
  8. Supply fresh toilet paper if necessary




Daily Cleaning

  1. Open the window for fresh air.
  2. Sweep the floor.
  3. Draw the shower curtain if it’s in use.
  4. Dust the fixtures and furniture.
  5. Wash and rinse the bath-tub and wash-hand basin.
  6. Take towel out in the sun.
  7. After each use, rinse the bath-tub and mop up any water splashes on the floor.


Weekly Cleaning

  1. Open the windows.
  2. Remove curtains, shower curtains and towel. Wash them and dry.
  3. Sweep down the ceiling, walls, door and window to remove cobwebs.
  4. Wipe the water heater with a clean and dry duster.
  5. Clean other furniture and fixtures according to type.
  6. Clean the bathtub, wash-hand basin and their fittings according to type.
  7. Clean the floor according to type.
  8. Replace the curtains, towel and other furniture.



  1. Mention two classes of cleaning agent you have learnt.
  2. State two best ways to clean a sitting room on a daily basis.
  3. State six functional rooms in a house.
  4. What is a one-room apartment?
  5. State three reasons for choosing one-room apartment by some people.



We have come to the end of this class. We do hope you enjoyed the class?

Should you have any further question, feel free to ask in the comment section below and trust us to respond as soon as possible.

In our next class, we will be talking about Flower Arrangement. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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