Impact of Family Values on Lifestyles


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  • Meaning of Values
  • Types of Values
  • Importance of Values
  • Meaning of Lifestyles
  • Types of Lifestyle
  • Factors that Influence the Value System and LifeStyles.




Value is the importance/worth placed on something. It also refers to belief, feeling or ideas of what is important, desirable and good. Value is not visible. Values are the product of the interaction between an individual and some objects or situations in the environment.


Family Value is the standard of perfection found in the life of each family member. This can be through what one learnt from one’s parents, peers in society.



  1. Intrinsic or Goal values: These are values that are important for their own sake. They are independent and higher values. They themselves are ends and do not look forward to another end. Examples are love, freedom, truth, human dignity, honesty, respect, justice, etc.
  2. Instrumental Values: These are values that help to achieve higher/intrinsic values. They are instruments or facts which are used to reach an end. Examples are orderliness, hard work, skill, cooperation, leisure, etc.
  3. Values that have intrinsic and Instrumental Worth: They are important for their own sake and at the same time, help in achieving the higher values. Examples are religion, comfort, ambition, wisdom, knowledge, etc.



  1. Define the word ‘Value’.
  2. List the three types of values.





    1. Value helps in decision making.
    2. It helps to guide or control human behaviour.
    3. Values provide motivation.
    4. It guides an individual on how to treat other people.
    5. It improves self -esteem (self- confidence).
    6. Values also determine the types and levels of goals you set for yourself.

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    1. Values influence family decisions.
    2. Values influence the use of resources to achieve family goals.
    3. It helps to avoid disagreement or conflict within the family.
    4. It determines the quality of life and lifestyle of the family.
    5. Values also influence the behaviours of family members within and outside the family.
    6. It determines the types of goals the family sets.



    1. Values help to promote peace, unity and happiness in the society.
    2. It helps to plan and provide good programmes for the citizens.
    3. It helps society to make good decisions that will promote the economy of the nation.
    4. Values help to prevent evil practices in the country.
    5. It also helps to solve problems in the country.



  1. State three importance of values to individuals.
  2. Mention two importance of values to society.



Lifestyle is the particular way of life of a person, family or a nation. It is a clear and concise view of the kind of living that will bring satisfaction to a person, family or a group of people.


Family Life Style:  This is the way a particular family lives or the manner by which they carry out things. For instance, a Godly family will always wish to be in the church, involve themselves in all activities in the church.


family life



  1. Occupation and Employment: A person’s occupation and employment pattern will influence how he/she does a thing which is the lifestyle. For instance, bankers, lawyers, doctors, teachers, etc. all have different lifestyles as a result of their professions.
  2. Roles and Roles Combination: The roles we perform either at home or outside determine our lifestyles. For example, the role of a father, mother, children, children, employee, etc. will influence their lifestyles or how we want them to act or not in that particular position.
  3. Consumer Practices: The choice of different families in terms of shelter, clothing, foods, fashion, etc. differs according to their taste, interest, belief, and so on. Some may choose to be moderate while others may decide to live a flamboyant life.



  1. Define lifestyles.
  2. List and explain types of lifestyles.




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  1. Education: The educational background or attainment of one may influence one’s values and lifestyles.
  2. Economic Background: This can also influence one’s living.
  3. Religion: One’s religion can influence his / her value especially in the choice of career or relationship with others.
  4. Family: Relationship with other family members can influence one’s values and lifestyle. e.g. parents, siblings, uncles, grandparents, etc.
  5. Culture and Tradition: The traditional belief of one can influence one’s value and lifestyles especially in areas of respects for elder or marriage system.
  6. The mass media such as television, radio, video, newspapers, billboards, etc.
  7. Happenings in the society e.g. violence, conflicts, cult activities, etc.
  8. Neighbours and community contacts.
  9. Peer group i.e. friends you keep.



  1. What do you understand by value and lifestyle?
  2. State two factors that influence family value.
  3. List two importance of value to an individual.
  4. List the steps in decision making.
  5. State two importance of decision making.



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