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A family crisis is a situation that marks a period of change in the normal events of the family. It is a situation that marks a turning point when things cease to go on as usual in the family.

A crisis is a change in the normal way of life of the family. A crisis can also be referred to as challenges.


  1. The arrival of a new baby: This could result in a crisis whereby the older ones or the father feel neglected by the mother.
  2. Burglary: A lot of property may be lost to bandits and this may lead to undue stress which may result in a crisis.
  3. Joblessness: Lack of a job in the family leading to begging or maladjusted behaviour may equally result in a crisis
  4. Death: The loss of a loved one may lead to a family crisis.
  5. Personality clash: Family members differ in their likes and dislikes. They differ in their ways of reacting to issues. This can bring a crisis when the clash is very serious.
  6. Different standards and rules: A situation where both parents set their personal standard and rules without considering the other will bring a crisis.
  7. Problems at school: Failure in an examination, examination malpractices, suspension, expulsion, etc. can also result in a crisis.
  8. Divorce: When there is a break up of a marriage or separation of family members, it can result in a family crisis which may have negative effects on the children.



  1. Define family crisis.
  2. State four types of crises in the home.



–           Make savings so as to have enough for a period of lack

–           Monitor the social lives of children when they are outside the home

–           Love children equally

–           Prepare the heart of younger ones towards a period of change such as the arrival of a new baby

–           Inculcate an acceptable social habit in younger children when they are very young.

–           Parents should agree on how to help the children

–           When it is necessary and possible family can always seek help from outside

–           Communication- family members should share feelings and problems with one another.

–           It might be necessary to find a new school for the child.


  1. Mention three causes of family crisis.
  2. State two ways one can cope with a crisis.


General Ways of Managing Family Crisis

  1. Cooperation- Family members should cooperate to share the good and crisis time together.
  2. Communication- When family members communicate properly, they can find solutions to their problems.
  3. The family should try to continue to do some of the things they have always done, in spite of the crisis.
  4. The family should be adaptable to changes which may come with the crisis.
  5. When necessary, the family can seek help from outside

family crisis management home econs classnotesng


  1. Define family crisis.
  2. Explain three types of crisis in the home.
  3. State any three general ways of coping with a family crisis.
  4. Outline any two ways in which the arrival of a new baby can become a crisis.
  5. Is there any relationship between family conflict and family crisis? If yes, explain.



Family Crisis:  Home Economics for JSS by Anyakoha.  Pages 157 – 162.

Home Economics New Concept book 2 by Popoola O.O. Pages111-117.



  1. A situation that marks a turning point when things cease to go on as usual in a family is called _______ A. crisis     B.  conflict    C.  decision  D.  disunity.
  2. _____ is one of the family crises. A. Joblessness B.  Conflict    C.  Monitor   D.  Peace.
  3. A crisis can also be referred to as ________ A. conflict B.  demand C.  Challenges D.  disunity
  4. __________ is a situation that affects family lifestyle A.  Crisis B.  Conflict    C.  Value      D.  Resolution
  5. Disagreement among the family members is referred to as ________ A. crisis    B.  worth       C.  conflict   D.  violation



  1. Explain two types of family crisis.
  2. Explain three ways one can cope with the family crisis.




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