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  • Definition of a Homemaker
  • Qualities of a Homemaker
  • Responsibilities of a Homemaker                            


A homemaker is a person in charge of a home. The beauty of the home depends solely on the effort of the homemaker. He/she manages and maintains the home by using both human and material resources available to meet the needs of every member of the family.



  1. Co-operation: A homemaker should work in unity with all the members of the family and community.
  2. Politeness: She should be able to feel for others. Respect should be given to every opinion of the family members.
  3. Creativity: A good homemaker should be able to improvise. He/she must use skill, ability and imagination to produce new things that will make the home attractive and pleasant.
  4. Honesty: The homemaker should be faithful in the matters that require her judgment and must be honest in all her dealings at home. He/She should always speak the truth always and should not be a disappointment to the family members.
  5. A Good Listener: He/She should give listening ears to every matter at home or around her before giving judgment, solution or even decisions.
  6. Caring and Teaching:  A homemaker should be able to take proper care of the family members e.g. in their feeling, clothing etc. should also teach the members how to care for others. She should be a model for the young ones.
  7. Planning Quality:  She should plan well, using the money available to meet the needs of the family members especially for food, clothing, shelter, education, etc.
  8. Patience: Since there are many people in the family with different behaviour, the homemaker needs patience in order to identify their needs and be able to meet them.
  9. Politeness: In approaching and handling issues, there is a need for the homemaker to be polite to all, irrespective of age. Politeness enhances peace, harmony and happiness in the home.
  10. Hard work: A homemaker must be hardworking in order to meet the demands of the family and that of her job/career.

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  1. Who is a homemaker?
  2. List and explain two qualities of a Homemaker.



  1. Budgeting and preparing food for the family: It is the duty of the homemaker to plan and prepare the family meal. There are different categories of people in the home that make up the family. So, it is her responsibility to meet the food needs of everyone.


  1. Cleaning the rooms and the available equipment in them: A homemaker should see that all the rooms in the house are clean and tidy. She should take care of the furniture and other equipment available in the home. She should use the skills and knowledge of interior decorations to beautify the home.


  1. Laundering family clothing:  It is the duty of the homemaker to care for the family members clothing, launder and maintain when necessary.


  1. Maintaining the home: A house maker should use the available resources in terms of money, energy and time to maintain the home. These should be utilized to meet the needs of the family to avoid wastage.


  1. Maintaining health living: A homemaker must maintain a high standard of hygiene. She should clean the surroundings by sweeping it daily, beautifying it with flowers and taking good care of the drains. She should make the home as attractive as possible.


  1. Sewing and mending of family dresses: It is the duty of the homemaker to buy new dresses for members of the family who cannot make their own choice e.g. toddlers and infants. It is also her duty to identify dresses that are torn and need mending. Torn clothes must be mended as soon as possible.


  1. Occasional replacement of materials: A homemaker should be able to identify and replace items that are old, spoilt or obsolete in the home and replace them as soon as possible.
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Male HomeMaker


  1. Who is a homemaker?
  2. Identify and classify the following under the quality and responsibility of a homemaker:                               a) Replace the materials in the home b)  Launder the family clothing  c) Must be patient always               d)  Cooperative    e)  Cleaning the kitchen             f)  Polishing the furniture      g)  Very creative               h)  Hardworking  i) Preparation of food j)  Good planning
  3. State the steps involved in decision making.
  4. List and explain four types of foodservice.
  5. State important steps in laundry work.



Home Economics New Concepts by Mrs Popoola O.O, Page 1-5.



  1. A good homemaker should be ____.

A. polite   B. rude   C. selfish    D.right

2. A good homemaker takes care of the ____.

A. school     B. church      C. home       D. self

3. A good homemaker should plan for the family.

A. False B. True C. Anyhow D. Not all the time.

4. ____ is one of the responsibilities of a homemaker.

A. Maintaining the home B. Scolding the family members C. Abandoning the duties D. Neglecting the home.

5. ____ is one of the qualities of a homemaker.

A. Maintaining the home      B. Creativity   C. Mending the family clothing   D. keeping the home.



  1. Who is a homemaker?
  2. List two qualities and two responsibilities of a homemaker.


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