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  • Definition of Household Linen
  • Types of Household Linen
  • Factors that Influence the Selection of Household Linen
  • General Procedures for Maintaining Household Linen


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Household linen is a term used collectively to describe a variety of textile articles used in the home for different purposes.


Types of Household Linen

  1. Curtains and Draperies: These are fabrics used for decorating doors and windows. They can be light or heavy, opaque or transparent. In many homes, two sets of curtains are used:
      • a) A lighter pair that is transparent
      • b)  A heavier pair to be drawn across the window at night.

Uses of Curtains and Draperies

      • They provide privacy for the family.
      • They shade the room from excessive wind and light.
      • They beautify the room.
      • They can be used to cover special areas or items such as bookshelf, etc.

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  1. Bed Linen: These refer to all the different types of fabric materials used to make the bed. They are;
      • a) Bed sheets used for making the bed.
      • b) Pillowcases used for covering the pillows.
      • c) Bedspreads used as a spread over a made bed, when not in use.
      • d) Blankets used as covering during cold weather.
      • e) Mosquito nets used to trap mosquitoes and keep them from biting those sleeping on the bed.


  1. Table Linen: They are clothes which are used on the table. They include:
      • a) Table cloth used to cover the table.
      • b) Table napkins used for protecting dresses while eating and cleaning the mouth and hands after eating.
      • c) Placemats used on the table for setting a cover.
      • d) Tray/trolley clothes are laid on the tray or trolley before dishes are arranged on them.
      • e) Tea cloths for cleaning the table.

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  1. Kitchen Linen: These are clothes used in the kitchen to keep the kitchen tidy. They include:
      • a) Hand towels used for wiping and drying hands.
      • b) Oven gloves for carrying hot pans and dishes from the oven or top of the cooker.
      • c) Dishcloths for wiping off spills on the kitchen surfaces and equipment such as tables, sink, etc.
      • d) Glass clothes are non-fluffy clothes used for wiping washed glassware such as drinking glasses, plates, etc.
      • e) Tea towel used for blotting off water or moisture from vegetables and fruits. It can also be used for wiping glass-wares, crockery and cutlery.


  1. Bathroom Linen: These are clothes used in the bathroom and they include:
      • a) Bath towels for wiping and drying the body after bathing. They are of various sizes, colours and qualities.
      • b) Face towels for cleaning the face. They are smaller than bath towels.



  1. Define the term ‘Household linen’.
  2. List the different types of household linen.


  1. The durability of the Fabric: A household fabric should be the type that will last longer.
  2. Money Available: The amount of money one is having can equally determine the type of fabric/material to buy.
  3. Type of Fabric: The fabric should be suited to the use or purpose of the linen, for instance, materials that are fluffy in nature cannot be used as tea cloth, cotton fabric for bed sheets and wool for blankets.
  4. The Size of the Family: The number of people in the family will determine the number of household linen they will need and use especially bed linen and bathroom linen.
  5. Family Needs:  In the selection of household linen, the needs of the family members should be considered.
  6. Bathroom Linen e.g. towels must be soft and absorbent.
  7. Size of the Bed and Pillow: They should be considered before purchasing them.
  8. Household linen should be colour-fast i. e. the fabric should not be the one that can lose its colour easily.



  1. Define household linen.
  2. State four factor that influences the selection of household linen.



  1. Always air all the household linen properly.
  2. Small light articles like tea cloth napkins, place-mats should be kept in drawers.
  3. materials like muslins should be covered to prevent dirt.
  4. During washing, any stain on the linen should be removed before washing.
  5. Always mend any torn linen immediately you noticed it before storage.
  6. All the household linen should be kept in good repair as long as possible.
  7. Wash household linen as soon as they are dirty and iron them properly.



  1. Mention different types of household linen.
  2. Explain the various ways household linen can be taken care of.
  3. Explain the meaning of household linen.
  4. State three importance good feeding habit.
  5. Outline four usefulness of a kitchen.



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