Controlling Religious Intolerance

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Religious Intolerance

It is the inability to accept that others have the right to practice their religion. As people practice different religions, it is important to respect their various faiths. Religious fanaticism is when people do not have respect for other religions. It brings about tension between people and has led to fights and wars.

Problems of Religious Intolerance

  • Riot
  • It promotes hated.
  • Unfriendly relation
  • Tension
  • Destruction of lives and properties.
  • Reduction of economic activities as well as income in the affected areas.

Relevant Values to Religious Intolerance

  • Tolerance
  • Respect
  • Understanding
  • Peace
  • Cooperation
  • Settlement


Controlling Religious Intolerance

The following are the ways religious intolerance can be controlled. These are:

  • Nigeria should remain a secular state. That is, people should practice the religion of their choice.
  • Educating people on the need to tolerate and respect human rights of other people.
  • Proscription of fanatical groups.
  • Fanatical groups to face court actions.
  • Religious bodies must pay compensation for damages done by their members during riots.
  • Government and religious institutions are to be kept separate from each other.
  • Police should intervene against fanatics.




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